Written by Jules

31 Aug 2016

Sitting in a pub. Strange town. Alone. Evening to kill.

In walks the sexiest pair of lips I've ever seen. Thick. Juicy with a provocative O in the middle. My cock reacted immediately. It knew what those lips were made for. It knew that it had been designed expressly to slip into that O. Those lips and my cock were made for each other.

Attached to the lips was about five foot six of desirable body. Short black skirt, great legs, heels to lengthen them further, champagne stockings, yes stockings I saw later. Brown hair, waved at the ends fell over a cream top loosely belted over a clingy white top. Lips like that didn't need a figure like that but a figure like that deserved to be dressed just like that. She smiled in my direction and sat on a bar school. Further stiffening in my pants. One sensed the hope in the bar. Shit. She had a pest in tow. He must have been parking a car. Well she would wouldn't she or World War three would break out? Any way the admiring men were going to fucking hard tonight and the knowing girls would make the most of the sudden release of libido. Little blue pills would be frantically gobbled and Edna of Station Road would relive being sweet sixteen again with Bert. Aged beds would collapse under the passion. Screams and groans would break the night-time peace of quiet suburban terraces. "Were you and Bert all right, Edna? You don't look as if you slept a wink".

Drinks were ordered. HotLips and Shit approached my table. "Yes, I'm alone." Suddenly I was sitting next to very little skirt and a lot of thigh. My cock had managed to wriggle round to a more comfortable position down the leg of my shorts happy and able to expand and extend down to my knee cap if needed. Wriggle of Hot Lips. Stocking tops. White flesh. Blue panties briefly flashed before she pulled the hem down a millimetre. Just to draw attention as if that were needed.

The conversation. Ah yes, the Conversation. Attend Self! Would I like to go round to their place? Heck, would I not. Meet some friends? Ok. I could look at her for ages and dream over HotLips' hot lips and fantasize about her mouth being used for something better than conversation and get my eye full of thigh and blue panties. I could wank all night after such an evening.

The "friends" were an almost as hot hottie and a not quite as shittie a shit. This hottie, say five ten, add four for heels. Legs, and more legs, then more in skin tight, and tighter, burgundy red jeans and a bum that never looked too big, ever. Perfect. I wanted to grab those hips from behind and press my rigid rod against it at the very least. Short silk shirt caressed her pert nipples. No need here for quantity " just feel the quality, Sir" No bra certainly. No panties either, no room. Over her shoulders tumbled dark red hair.

So here I was in Doncaster with the two hottest hotties ever and nursing the biggest, firmest, throbbiest erection I'd had. Bloody hell! Surely someone could see the snake crawling down the inside of my trouser leg. Worse worry would a sticky damp patch appear? Wank all night? All week at the very least.

When Dan,alias The Shit, disappeared into the kitchen no-bra Lisa followed. Then Henry disappeared to fiddle with his phone, or more sensibly, something else over business Five minus three leaves two and those two were Georgie and me. Except, all things considered I was now two people with Me rapidly being possessed by my extension, The Cock.

With a pat on the sofa Georgie beckoned me over legs opening fractionally. A flash of blue panties later we had managed to cross the room"You Okay?" she enquired as The Cock and I hobbled across the room. "Stiff leg?" Oh so cruel!

Conspiritorially, "Dan will have his hands on her boobs by now, I guarantee. He's boob mad. Look. I had to have these done." She undid her top, pulled up the boob tube and exposed a pair of firm ripe fruit ready to devour. "Feel." They looked marvellous. Nipples erect. Round as a melon. They felt fantastic. I explored a nipple with my tongue, then my lips. Soon I was devouring one and grasping the other. My other hand slid onto her leg and up. Her skirt had disappeared it was so far up. Fingers slipped into her panties and I felt.....warm, damp welcoming pleasure. Her bush was only a tiny, well-groomed patch of hair. Perfect.

"All Dan wants is boobs. He wants to look at them." I didn't blame him. "Handle them." No fault there. "Suck them." Obvously. "Sex is me riding him on his back so he can stare at them." So? "When I bend over and he doggies me he has to have my boobs in his hands." Stupid idiot Dan. Grab her hips and pull her down onto your cock and push her away and watch it slide out. Pull and push. Pull and push. In and out. In and out. Watch it. Use a mirror. Camera. " I suppose you'd do the same." "No way!" I blurted it out loud without thinking. She pulled away and looked at me. "Good," she said. "I knew you weren't like that when Long-legged Lisa came in. You noticed from her tight little bum first."

"And guess what cumming means to Dan?" "Boobs?" I ventured. "Time after time its my boobs. I love it but I've got a tummy, an arse, hair, a mouth.." "You certainly have." "Boobs. The amount of cum they've taken, that's dripped off them. God. What a lack of imagination!" "Yes." How I wished I could produce enough cover all those points.

She kissed me. Amazing. We kissed and kissed. My tongue slipped in her O, and out. And in and out. Her hand dropped to my trousers. She started at my balls. Myt cock was not neatly packed away as she'd expected. At least she'd not seen the snake crawling down my thigh. Her hand slipped down and discovered it crawling down. She measured its length. "Did I do that?" "Yes. It started when you walked into the pub." "You mean its been that.... stiff all that time.?" "Yes." "poor thing. It needs attention" "Yes"

She kissed. She undid my belt. Then, glory of glories, my zip was lowered. I looked down. Her red nails were exploring down my pant leg. Then onto my bare cock. We wriggled my trousers down. Half my cock had escaped down the inside of my leg. She encircled it. It looked, it felt magic. She pulled the leg of my pants up. More cock straining to find its natural position. It managed a bit. "Poor Jules."She slipped out my aching balls. My cock released, shot free against my pants pointing towards my belly. She bent down and took it in her hand. "Into the O. Please. Please" my cock shouted. She must have heard and her O encircled it. Gently. Slowly. Knowingly. She worked me. "This'll be a long slow job" I did hope so. "A couple of hours erection needs a lot of satisfying." Oh Yes. (Part 2 follows soon. Where di the cum go? And how did it get there? And what did happen in the kitchen?)