Written by Pete

16 Sep 2008

My new way of life Part 2

You will remember I was at the builder’s yard to choose the slabs for my patio, we walked round the yard my dress to the pleasure of the lads in the yard kept blowing up as I selected the patio slabs I wanted. Ok we will get off we walked to his truck, the 2 lads were still unloading a lorry, he opened the door as I went to get in he raised my dress to my waist, my naked bottom was on full display to the lads. Is she your new assistant Joe, no a very grateful and compliant client who likes a good spanking he replied and slapped my bottom hard as I got in. He dropped me at home and said I will see you a week on Monday, I went upstairs and had a shower I had really enjoyed flashing at the builders yard. Just then the phone went, it was George from Auto sales he told me to come straight away. I arrived at the showroom dressed to please, skirt, brief white knickers, suspenders and stockings and a white blouse, no bra. Sorted out the builder Jenny, yes sir thank you, I have to go out and my niece Mandy has not arrived yet, any callers or phone calls take the details and I will get back to them. With that he left, during the next hour I took a couple of calls and listed the names.

Just then Mandy appeared you must be Jenny uncle George’s new tart, don’t be so rude I replied, she walked over to me grabbed my hair and pulled my head back, get one thing straight you fucking tart you obey me and be respectful is that clear, yes I stammered. That’s got that clear just remember I have a copy of the tape of my uncle spanking and shagging you, now make me a coffee. I made her a coffee, like a good spanking I hear, yes I do I replied, well ask me nicely and I will spank you. I could not believe what she had just said, she was no more than a young girl young enough to be my daughter, well she said, are you fucking deaf, please will you spank me. That’s better she said lock the door and get over my knee. I locked the door and bent over here knee, she inched up my skirt and started to spank me. I felt so humiliated, liking it tart, is it nice to be spanked by a young girl, I did not reply, she pulled down my knickers I’ll teach you to be more obedient she then spanked my bare bottom very hard, I will ask you again are you enjoying being spanked by a young girl. Yes thank you it’s very nice that’s better she said. I think I will like controlling you, my hand is now getting sore get up and strip naked and put your hands on your head while I look for something to really beat your fucking arse.

She returned with a ruler spread your legs and bend over, I did as I was told and bent over and gripped my ankles. She began to spank my bottom with the ruler, are you sorry you were rude to me and do you deserve a good spanking, yes I am very sorry and I deserve a sound spanking. She finally stopped my bottom was hurting like hell, I did enjoy that I will spank your arse again, now you can fuck off. I dressed and left. I went straight upstairs and ran a bath, I looked at my bottom it was very red. I lay in the bath for ages, my life had completely changed in these last 3 month’s,

I was now being controlled by 3 people, George, Mandy, and Joe the builder. I have been humiliated, spanked, fucked, and degraded, but the strange thing was I was enjoying it !!

Well Monday came round and I had dressed to please, short skirt see through blouse, Joe turned up with a chap in his sixties this is Charley said Joe hello I said would you like coffee, yes please both 2 sugars, I called them in when the coffee was ready,

Told you she was a dirty slut, Joe said to Charley, Tell Charley what will happen if you do not do as you are told, I will get a spanking, I’ll get started Charley, Jenny will give you a blow job before you start if you like, Joe went outside and I knelt before Charlie and unzipped his fly’s and put his prick in my mouth, you fucking slag, he held my head and fucked my mouth, it took him no time at all to come in my mouth, next time I come it will be up your fucking arse slag, I spent the day doing my housework and serving them coffee’s, at 4-o-clock they stopped for the day, Joe said he had to get off as he had another job to go and price, he went and then Charlie came into the kitchen, what did I say I would do to you, fuck me up the arse I replied. Get over the table he said I bent over the table and spread my legs. He slipped his fingers between my legs and worked me up and lubricated my arse, he unzipped and slipped his prick up my arse and started to fuck me. You fucking beauty he said are you liking it, yes I love it I said he came and I had a shattering climax.

The following morning they turned up and came into the kitchen and Joe felt between my legs, told you Charlie she’s wet through already, she’s on fucking heat. Perhaps we should spit roast her before we start, strip off and get down on your hands and knee’s I took my cloth’s off and got on the floor Joe knelt behind me unzipped his fly’s and started to fuck me, Charley knelt in front of me and put his prick in my mouth. I loved it, I sucked Charlie’s prick for all I was worth, and Joe fucked me hard. First Joe came and then Charley came in my mouth. They both went outside and carried on with the patio, by the time Friday came they had finished the patio, and I had been well and truly seen to every day. Joe called me out to see the finished job it was very good and thanked them both for a job well done. Charley went and Joe finished off clearing up, do you want the cheque today, yes please said Joe as it’s a hot day you can put on your bikini and bring us both a beer out onto the patio. Who’s the bloke cutting his hedge I looked down the garden o him he is a bit of a perve always looking, I have seen him with binoculars before. Very good we will give him a treat, please no I would rather not, and you will do as I say you fucking tart, now get fucking changed.

I had a quick shower and put my bikini on, I had not worn it for a couple of years and could not believe it was so brief, the brief’s had a tie’s on each side. I took the beers out to Joe, he was stretched out on one of the recliners stand by my side facing the perve, and I gave him his drink and stood facing down the garden my neighbour was looking over the hedge, now take your top off, I unhooked the top and let it fall to the ground, Joe’s hand came up and stroked my breasts, he then undid the tie’s and my bikini bottoms fell to the floor. I was now naked facing my neighbour now lay over my knee, I went across his knee and he started to spank my bottom, I bet he is loving this. Joe spanked me hard for about 10 minutes. Ok that will do for now I stood up and got him his cheque, thank you I will call again now lie on the recliner I laid down, now open your legs wide, I lay there showing my neighbour my cunt. Now stay there for 30minutes. He then went.

The next day I went shopping when I returned there was a letter waiting for me, no stamp ? I opened it, the letter read hope you like the photo’s you stuck up bitch or perhaps your husband might, so get round to my house, There were photo’s of me naked and being spanked, also pictures of me with my legs spread wide. I sat there in a daze I had no choice but to und, I knocked on his door. Come in Mrs Browning.

To be cont………………