Written by Pete

25 Mar 2008


I walked around the house bored stiff, my husband was away again. I poured myself a G & T and sat on the patio. I have all the material things, nice house, car etc but no fun, we no longer have sex he’s never here, I am bored with our friends and bored with my life. I poured another drink, it was late Saturday afternoon he was away I was on my own so I decided to go out tonight.

As I dressed to go out I had this fantasy I would look for a bit of rough tonight, I looked in the mirror, not in those cloth’s I thought so I stripped of and started again. Brief white knickers, I took out a matching bra no I said I’ll go bra less. I found a white she semi see through white blouse and put on a black skirt. I looked in the mirror I could see my nipples through my blouse, it’s to daring to much perhaps, I went to find another one, no sod it so left it on. I had my third G & T as I sat in the kitchen waiting for the taxi, I then got cold feet, I can’t do this. I reached for the phone to cancel the taxi, just then he pulled up the drive sod it I put on my jacket and walked out o the taxi.

Having a girls night out he said as I got in, something like that I replied, good for you.

I had sat in the middle of the back seat and as we drove into town he reached up and adjusted his mirror, cheeky sod’s trying to see up my skirt I went to pull my skirt down and then perhaps the G & T’s changed my mind, as the driver was looking to the side I hitched my skirt up and let my legs open slightly. He looked again you look very nice were are you off to, not sure I have not been into town on my own for ages, any suggestions, try Charlie’s at the back of the centre that’s a good starting point. Thanks drop me there then.

He pulled up outside Charlie’s and turned to face me that’s eight quid darlin, he was a swarthy chap mid fifty’s not bad looking either I reached for my bag gave him a ten pound note, keep the change, thanks darlin he was not looking at me he was looking straight up my skirt. I deliberately spread my legs to give him a good view and got out, have a good night he said ,hope so I replied. He winked might see you later I have finished now I smiled and walked off. I walked around town for a while popped into a wine bar had a drink, people watched and left. I walked to Charlie’s it was packed

the bar must have been 6 deep to get served, I got squeezed in and inched my way to the front, just then I felt two hands on my bottom I turned it was the taxi driver, let me get you a drink after that show in the taxi you deserve a big one. We edged a little closer to the bar I felt my skirt being hitched up; his hands were stroking my bare flesh. I could not believe that I was stood at a bar with my skirt nearly up to my waist we were that wedged in no one could see. We got the drinks I pushed down my skirt and we found a seat, he sat opposite me, pull your skirt up slut he said, I looked at him, do as you are fucking told he said firmly. I slowly inched up my skirt, higher you like to show your knickers I inched it up further, that’s better, now open your jacket I did as he said, tell me how you feel sitting there like a fucking tart, I feel good I replied, I do not no why but I wanted to do as he said I was getting turned on being spoken to like this.

Sitting in my cab flashing your knickers you are nothing but a slut and I will treat you like a slut, he leaned forward and stroked my legs open your legs, his fingers slipped inside my knickers, to young lads on the next table could see what he was doing, I was wet very wet he slowly worked me up, just then his phone went he sat back, what now, can you get someone else, bollocks ok see you in 30 minutes. He stood up got some business to sort out come with me, we left the club my car’s in the car park pull your skirt up to your waist and take your knickers off. We walked up the car park ramp to his car, as we walked he slapped my bottom, we got to his car bend over slut I laid over the boot now spread your legs. I have just time to give you a good fucking, I heard his zip go and his prick slipped straight in.

It felt massive, liking it slut, yes I panted, go on fuck me I hissed, he fucked me hard I had not been fucked like this for years, he took his prick out on your knees slut and suck it, I got on my knees and sucked and licked his prick, his prick started to shudder and he filled my mouth I swallowed the lot. I will take you home, keep your skirt up around your waist. We got to my house he gave me his card, you will ring me on Friday and ask me to take you out and degrade you is that clear. Yes I replied, he drove off.

I laid in the bath what a night I had loved it, the next week my head was swimming as to what he had in store for me. Friday came round and I rang his mobile.

Hello it’s Jean I said, will you lease take me out and use me and treat me like a tart. I will pick you up at 9 you will wear only very high heels a coat is that clear, yes sir I replied.

To be cont………………………………......