Written by Joe

16 Apr 2018

My partner had been talking about letting another women play with her for a while even during sex, I said I’d agree as long as I could be there. We had gone away for a few nights and been out for a meal, we then headed back to the hotel bar and got our drinks and sat down, a women was sat near us and we got chatting, the women was in a green knee length skirt and white blouse and what looked to be opaque tights, her heels were white and tall, my partner always took sexy underwear away with us and I could tell she liked the look of the women, I asked if she was alone and she was single, after a few more drinks we got talking about sex and my partner said about having another women, the other women said she’d also love to try it, I jokingly said why don’t you both have a try then, my partner said she’d love to and the women agreed i was getting quite turned on and my partner said she would go up and make herself ready and told me and the other women to go up in 15 minuets, after a while we went into the lift to go up, we walked into our room and my partner was wearing black heels black stockings and suspenders with black knickers over the top, her tits are big and the black bra was bulging, the women walked over to my partner and kissed her, she then began to rub her nice shaven pussy over her knickers, my partner asked me to go over and asked me to undress the other women her skirt was zipped at the back so I undid it and pulled down her skirt she was wearing opaque hold up stockings and sexy white knickers, my partner undid her top to show her white lacy bra, i undid my partners bra and the women grasped her tits and began sucking and licking her erect nipples, my partner asked if I wanted to join in for a while so I slid the women’s Lacey knickers down and over her heels I then slowly rubbed her, she was wet and moaned as i did it, I then knelt down an started to lick her, my partner pulled off her knickers and the women told her to get on the bed and spread herself, the women went straight down on her and pushed her tounge into her whilst rubbing her clit with her fingers, my partner then asked for her toy, I passed it to the women and shBoyse began fucking her hard my partner was loving it, the women then asked if I could fuck her from behind my partner agreed so I removed all my clothes with a throbbing hard cock, I grabbed her hips and pushed myself into her her pussy was soaking and i pushed ever bit of me into her, she moaned with every push, my partner was so horny, my partner then wanted to taste her so asked to get onto the desk and open her legs, my partner was really going for it to say it was her first time, the night ended with me getting sucked by both of them and they both took my load over there faces and tits. We have arranged to meet again so there we have it