8 Mar 2018

During one of my summer walks , I used to see this nice looking blond woman with her dog, she was medium built lovely big tits , going by her cleavage , any way she stopped me one day and asked me if she could join me as she was apprehensive of going to far on her own , I said but you don't know me I could be a rapist , she looked at me and laughed and said I have seen you lots of times now if you did want to I'm sure you would have tried before now .as we walked she said it's nice to talk to an adult as I'm used to talking to children , as I'm in with them most of the time , and my husband works long hours and is always tired and we we don't talk well hardly at all now , I asked her she must have friends other children's mothers , she said not really most of them full of theirselves and false and do nothing but gossip , it's not my thing ,, she looked at me and said you are nice and listen I enjoy talking to you , I decided to ask her are you and your husband having sex , expecting her to be embarrassed but no she looked straight at me and said I know he's shagging his secretary , I was lost for words for a minute , before I replied , but you are really attractive , she smiled thank you , he likes his women thin like I was before giving him children ,when we arrived back at habitation , I told her if she ever wants to talk giving her my phone number ring me , she said I might well do that , we said our goodbyes and parted ..............second part of story later