Written by Garylj

27 Mar 2007

We were all set for a night of complete sexual debauchery. It had been 2 weeks since we had enjoyed such a fabulous experience with Ann and after such a long wait we were both thrilled and excited to meeting her again. Meeting Ann had came as quite as a surprise, kind of natural, we didn’t have to find her through endless sites and emails, quite by accident we found each other through Mark and Allison, anyway the result was that she was very genuine, trustworthy and respectful and I guess we both know that to be physically attracted to someone it helps to be mentally stimulated as well. The sex had been such a turn on both physically and mentally for us both, she had promised something different this time and told us to be prepared for a long night and lot of fun.

Ann knocked on door right on time at 8.30, she was very punctual. She had got a cab here and was carrying a rather large bag. We welcomed her in, she kissed you on both cheeks and then me, you offered her a glass of wine which she downed in 1 shot, I quickly re-filled it for her, we had already had a couple of beers each but I did the same to our glass’s. Ann took of her jacket and adjusted her dress which had ridden up her slender legs, once she had finished the 2 of you sat on the settee and I on the opposite chair. The small talk continued for another 30 minutes, as did the beer, we set the music on ‘loop’ so it was always playing softly in the background. You were both on good form, Ann always paid attention to what you were talking about, she was genuinely interested in your comments and view on life, as you were with her so with that mix of friendship you both got on very well with each other that in itself gave me the confidence to know that you were happy with the situation, I didn’t have to do anything, you were in complete control and everything was being dictated by you.

The small talk stopped when I suggested to you that perhaps it was time to have a bit of fun. You agreed and said that you had to go upstairs to change and would be back down in 10 minutes, Ann asked if she could use the bathroom to freshen up which of course she did, left on my own I poured another glass of beer and lit a fag whilst waiting for you to return. Ann came down first, she had re-applied some light make up and lipstick and was wearing a very light fragrance, I got her another drink, and then you followed minutes later, you were wearing a very short and extremely tight black dress, I hadn’t seen you wear this dress before, it was off the shoulder and zipped at the back, you looked so gorgeous and very ‘fuckable’, you were also wearing black stockings and stiletto shoes, you know exactly how to dress to thrill, so did Ann, she was wearing pretty much the same as you only her dress was below her knees and had shoulder straps, needless to say I was extremely turned on by what was before me.

You surprised me when you produced the camera and told me to take some photos; I took the camera off you and focused the lens on you as you sat on the settee. Your legs were uncrossed and you parted them slightly giving just a flash of your inner thighs, you were most definitely turned on knowing both Ann and I were watching you pose. You began by holding your hair up at the back of your head then running your hands down and over your breasts stopping briefly to pinch your nipples, very quickly they were protruding the black silky material, you slipped down the seat and raised the hem of your dress lifting up and over your waist, your stocking clad legs looked fucking gorgeous, your hands found their way inside your panties and you started to play with your hot cunt, you withdrew one hand and started sucking on it, tasting your own pre cum juices, I snapped away all the time, my cock was aching to be released, each picture was captured in graphic detail, then you turned over onto your knees and fully exposed your gorgeous ass, each hand was massaging a cheek, by this time Ann said she had had enough, she put down her glass of wine and joined you, she started to kiss the back of your neck, her hands came around you and she started to feel your heaving tits, pinching your nipples and pressing her body against yours, she knelt down and ran her fingers up and down the length of your pussy, you looked around to watch her face disappear in between your ass cheeks, her tongue was tasting your juices through your panties, you threw an arm around you and pulled your panties to the side giving Ann full access to tongue fuck you, not only that but she gave you a good finger fucking as well, the camera has never worked so hard, I took so many photos of both of you in so many different positions, 69ing each other, sucking each others tits, licking each others pussy, finger fucking each other. We eventually stopped to have a break, it was needed, the action was so hot a fag and drink was definitely a requirement. Ann suggested we all went upstairs to play in the bedroom. When we lay on the bed we started to feel each other whilst Ann took some pictures, it didn’t take long to push my hard cock into your sodden pussy, I banged into you time and time again, I had to withdraw through the fear that I would cum too soon, we both lay on the bed and watched as Ann fully undressed herself, when she was naked she retrieved from her bag a 9” black strap on dildo, Do you mind if I fuck you with this Jill she asked, You better fuckin had, you replied, Ann strapped it around her waist and simulated giving it a good wank, she knelt over you and asked you suck on it, you took no hesitation and began licking the enormous tool, I was wanking myself as I watched you, I noticed Ann was squeezing her own tits as you continued to suck the monster cock. She pulled the cock away and leant over you to suck on one of your nipples, I did the same to the other one as both our hands were fighting to feel your juices. Ann asked you to sit on top of her, you positioned yourself and slowly started to lower yourself onto the plastic cock, when you had it all in Ann started to thrust up inside you I got to the back of you and rimmed your ass with my tongue, I finger fucked your tight hole before gently pushing it deep inside you, you leaned forward and took Ann’s tits in your mouth, Ann screamed as she came, gushing her fluid and filling her cunt with more spunk than she knew she had, she kept on cumming for an absolute age, the juices running down the inside of her legs. You both swapped positions as Ann rammed the cock inside you, you were flat on your back as she banged the cock into you, I was sucking on your tit as she did so, she leant down and joined me on your other one, I could sense you were close to cumming, you raised your head and took in Ann tits, pinching her proud hard nipples with your teeth, your body started to shake, ‘fucking hell’ you shouted, your spunk exploded in your pussy, your orgasm was totally unique in that you were nearly convulsing with the force of it eventually you stopped and then took a moment to recover from the sheer might of the probably the best orgasm you have ever had. You turned me over and said to me it was my turn to know what it was like to be fucked by a cock, you spanked my virgin ass a couple of times as Ann lay down next to me, I handed you some lubricating jell to make the entry a lot easier, you oiled its full length and then rubbed some around my ass hole, very gently you eased the cock inside me, I was squirming around beneath you, holding my breath as you pushed it deeper inside me, when it was in you held it still and asked me how it felt, fucking sensational was all I could manage, then you pumped it in and out as I watched Ann finger fuck herself, I could take no more, you were fucking me with the cock and I just had to cum, I drowned the sheets beneath me, my spunk was an endless stream of milky white juice, what an incredible experience. We all took a moment to relax, you and Ann had washed and changed and then joined me downstairs where we all enjoyed another drink and making a date for when it could happen again and suggesting what could possibly be better than what we had all just done.