Written by Voyeur111

5 Mar 2018

I live in the country , and enjoy walks , which are numerous their are a lot of paths some through remote common land , on the main tracks there are lots of horse riders and dog walkers , I like to go off the main ones and use the ones other people don't use that often , during one of these on rounding a corner I saw a couple she was leaning against a tree and her partner was fucking her from behind , I just stood there watching my cock sprang into action , trying to free itself from the restraint of my trousers , , I felt guilty standing there expecting the guy to tell me to fuck off , but he turned to me and winked and then he said to his girl we have company , she reached back and fondled his balls and said good , is he playing with his cock , her partner said no , she looked around and smiled at me then her partner carried on fucking her , I was transfixed by the sight of these two , I didn't remember getting my erect cock out and started to wank it , wiping off the precum , the guy said to his girl I'm cumming as he twitched as he pumped her cunt full of sperm , he pulled out of her and she looked at me wanking and walked up to me , and kneeling down held my cock and while fondling my balls and took my cock in her mouth , , she gently bit around my helmet , I was trying to think of something else I didn't want to cum this quick but she was so good , she swallowed my spunk and licked my cock clean , they told me they often come here but have never been lucky to meet anyone ...