Written by Ken

29 May 2007

To continue my story.

I was woken up in the morning with the feel of two hands stroking my cock I very quickly stood to attention. I felt it was their turn now to relax while I gave them some attention. I knelt up between them both they spread their legs leaving me with access to their moist pussys. I rubbed my fingers up and down they both became really wet I rubbed my fingers around their clitoris. They told me just where to rub, and they loved it.

I got them both to lie sideways on the bed with legs hanging over the side. Taking Nicola first I went between her legs and rubbed my tongue up and down her pussy. She absolutely loved it when I rubbed her clitty. Angie wouldn’t wait too long for her turn so I had to keep moving from one to the other. A proper fuck was then asked for

, so I got my wife to stand up I stood behind her. She bent over and I entered her from behind. I moved my cock gently in and out whilst I was feeling her tits as they hung down. She then slowly stood up with legs spread apart. We were facing Nicola she was watching my cock slowly going in and out. Nicola bent down and started to move her tongue along my cock and up to my wifes pussy. I was still having a lovely feel of her tits. As Nicola found her clitoris that was when Angie lost control and was writhing all over the place. With cock going in and out whilst having her clitoris licked she soon came.

Fortunately I still had a big hard on. Nicola quickly got up and leaned over the bed and told me she wanted cock inside her. Well I did not want to disappoint her so I lined myself up and slipped it inside her soaking wet pussy. With my hands on her hips both my wife and I watched my cock sliding in and out of her. Kneeling down Angie rubbed Nicola all up and down her slit I had a feel of her tits again. Soon we were both on the verge of coming I held her hips again as I quickly rammed my cock up inside her as far as it would go. We soon both came I shot my load inside her. After I withdrew we cleaned each other up and got back in the bed. I lay there in the middle of two very sexy women but we soon dozed off.