Written by Greg

25 Sep 2014

I recently had, what I can only describe as the most intense sexual experience I will ever have, when I visited a porno cinema in a foreign city (see German porno cinema part 1 and 2). While that was pure fact, this story is a continuation, based purely on fantasy.

My wife (lauren) is 5 foot 7 with long brown highlighted hair, with nice sized tits and curves in the right places. we would sometimes describe our sexual fantasies when having sex, mine would often involve seeing her being fucked by multiple men as I watch, happy to see her body being used as she is overcome by cock and I am helpless to take part until told to do so.

Eventually she agreed that we could go on a city break to Germany, and she could experience a porno cinema, as I had told her I visited on business trips, albeit not the whole story.

We arrived on the Friday afternoon and after checking into our hotel, we went into town to have a few drinks to steady our nerves, after a couple of hours, and with Lauren now being very touchy freely, we made our way to the cinema. We had agreed that at any point she was not comfortable, we would just watch a film together in a cabin and just play with each other.

On entering the cinema we passed through a sex shop, Lauren stopped to look around, more to get in the mood than to buy, I picked out a lace bodystocking as a joke and suggested she could wear this, to my surprise she agreed, but said I would have to have a present too, she came back with a collar and lead and a cock restraint.

We paid and asked if there was anywhere we could change, they let us use the changing rooms, Lauren got undressed and as I helped her into the crotchless bodystocking, she looked amazing and she could see that my cock was getting hard, "we better do something about that" she said and bent down and took me into her mouth, as she sucked my cock we could hear shoppers outside, after a couple of minutes she stopped and took my balls in her hand, with the other she pulled out the cock restraint, she fastened it on, and told me that it would not be coming off till she was ready.

I got redressed, and Lauren put her long coat over the bodystocking but did not do it up, just before we left the changing room, she fastened the collar and lead round my neck, and whispered to me that she is now in charge, and anything that she wants to do, I have to go along with, as this is my fantasy.

We walked through the shop, Lauren leading me up the stairs to the cinema area, getting quite a few looks as this woman in heels, coat open lead her slave up to the cinema. We paid our entrance fee and headed to the bar area, the sound of heels clipping the floor, causing the other customers, all men, to watch, you could feel the anticipation in the air, and I was trembling with both excitement and fear.

We ordered some drinks and Lauren put her coat and clothes behind the bar,we both settled on some bar stools, Lauren opening her legs for all to see her part shaven pussy, as we grew accustomed to both the dark lighting and the environment we were in, you could see men walking past and trying to catch Lauren's eye, she would smile at any she liked the look of, 3 or 4 she told me. But would always politely refuse any advances saying she would be coming into the various cinemas soon. After a couple of very quick drinks, Lauren said she would like to look around, firstly together, she took my lead and together we walked along the dimly lit corridors, walking past cabins with doors open, showing porn films, then coming to a room, with 20 or so seats, some occupied, with men wanking as they watched the film, but stopping when they saw Lauren walking through the middle of the seats, taking it all in, but carrying onto another room. We had now got a number of men who would follow us at a distance, but gather round when we stopped.

After walking through all the different screens and passing a number of rooms with open doors, Lauren said she fancied watching a film, so we went back to a screen, where a blonde was being fucked by 2 men. Lauren led me to a chair in the middle, sat me down, and bent over and slowly tongue kissed me, giving all the men a view of her bare pussy, telling me not to turn round for 5 minutes she then made her way to the back of the cinema and settled down on a sofa.

I could hear footsteps behind me as men shuffled round in seats, trying to edge nearer to her,not being to look was unbearable, i watched the screen only imagining.

After what seemed like hours I turned round and could see Lauren sandwiched by 2 men, her head back as they ran their hands over her thighs and began slipping fingers into her pussy, behind her stood a another man who was massaging her tits. She looked up and smiled at me, licking her lips. I guessed at this point, she was enjoying herself and it would not be an early night.

After a few minutes of watching Lauren being fingered by now a growing crowd of men, I counted 8 or 9 gathered round, most with their cocks out either playing with themselves,or trying to touch Lauren tits and pussy, she stood up, and walked over to me, she again kissed me deeply, and asked me to feel how wet she was, she was soaking, as I slipped my fingers in, I felt another hand move between her legs, as another man fingered her from behind, she writhed on both of our hands as she continued to kiss me. Quickly she stood up, and beckoned to 4 men to follow, she took my lead and the six of us made our way out of the cinema, we stopped at the bar, where a prostitute was sitting drinking, Lauren gave her 100 euros and whispered into her ear, I had not reckoned on this, but Lauren then told me that I was to do as I was told for the next hour.

She then walked off followed by her 4 chosen studs and a number of other men hoping to at least get a grope. My new partner led me to a room, that had a reclining chair and a glass wall facing into a dark room, she undressed me, leaving me in only an open shirt, my shoes and a cock restraint. She slowly walked round me talking in German, touching me occasionally, rubbing my balls, or brushing her tits against my face, I could now see through the glass, people looking in, playing with their cocks, as they watched a live show instead of a porn film.

She pushed me further back on the reclining chair, straddling my face as she pushed her pussy down onto my open mouth, I licked away at her pussy, and heard the door open I opened my eyes and could see she was now starting to suck on 2 cocks, I stopped licking and had a swift slap on my cock telling me to carry on. After a while she got off me, took my lead and led me through the cinema, followed by the 2 men that she had been sucking off, we walked through the rooms until we came to a part open door, inside I could hear the sound of fucking, we walked in and I was greeted by the sight of Lauren on a bed on all fours, with a cock in her mouth and 2 men behind her fingering her pussy and another laying beside her sucking on her tits, she looked up at me and again smiled, as she licked dribble and pre come over her lips, she beckoned me over and kissed me deeply telling me this was a great fantasy that I was sharing with her and hoping I was enjoying it.

My new mistress pulled my lead and made me kneel on the floor, with my face beside Lauren's, as she took the cock back into her mouth she winked at me, and all of a sudden a cock was also put to my face, the prostitute held It firmly and guided it to my lips, as Lauren watched and told me that this was now her fantasy.

Unsure, but not wanting to break the magic, and also always having a slightly bi curious side, I took the cock between my lips, to feel it throbbing in my mouth was amazing, as I started to suck the cock, with Lauren sucking another next to me, I felt completely used but very happy, she stopped sucking hers and joined me as we both sucked his cock, our tongues and mouths working together, after a few minutes I felt the tell tale signs that he was going to cum, Lauren sensed this and took over, deepthroating him, until he shot his cum into her mouth and over her face, Lauren pulled me towards her and again deep kissed me, pushing his cum into my mouth with her tongue, she pulled away and told me to take a seat on the sofa and watch the show.

My mistress sat next to me and played with my restrained cock, squeezing my nipples and allowing me to finger her pussy. Lauren kneeled on the floor and invited the 5 remaining men to line up and she worked her way through them, sucking their cocks and balls, paying particular attention to 1 that looked at least 10 inches long, after a few minutes, she stood up and positioned herself with her legs spread and her arms on the bed, and guided the first cock into her pussy, at this point my new mistress got up and laid down on the bed, legs spread allowing Lauren to lick her pussy, the first man only lasted a few minutes and pulled out spraying his cum over her lace covered arse, the next man moved into position and roughly fucked her, with every stroke forcing her face in the mistress's pussy, 2 of the men got onto the bed and one forced his cock into Lauren's mouth and the other turned the prostitute over and started to fuck her, what a sight, my wife sucking a cock and being fucked with cum over her arse and face, and another woman being fucked right next to her. The man fucking Lauren started to grunt, and pulled himself out and roughly turned Lauren round, shooting his cum over her face and tits, she lapped it up sucking the last drops from him, her face was a beautiful mess of sticky cum and sweat. She smiled at me and rubbed the cum over her tits and into her pussy, motioning for the next one to fuck her, her fanny was gaping wide and the owner of the 10 inch cock positioned himself behind her, he started thrusting and Lauren, slowly started to accommodate him. She carried on sucking the cock in front of her, now moaning in pleasure. The prostitute slipped from the room, leaving the door open, I could see 4 or 5 men outside struggling to see in, some wanking, Lauren turned and seeing them gave them all a smile, she turned back to the cock in front of her, and carried on sucking it till he started to shake and shot his cum again over face.

Lauren turned to her lover fucking her, he pulled out and climbed onto the bed, she climbed up and straddled him, facing both me and the open door, her face lost to the great cock she was now riding.

The prostitute returned and pulled me up and took my lead and marched me from the room, leaving the door open, as we walked away the men watching from outside entered the room and started pawing at Lauren's tits, stroking her body and fingering her pussy as she ride her lover for all she could, we walked down a corridor, me being led along, we walked through various cinemas, mostly empty now as Lauren was the main show this evening, until we came to a door, she opened it and inside was a bed with the opposite wall being glass, she lay me down face up, and lifted her skirt, revealing a strap on cock. She poured oil over my body and massaged me, brushing over my caged cock and allowing her fingers to play with my balls and on down to my arse cheeks, slowly rubbing a finger round my tight hole, her pussy was hovering above my face so I stuck my tongue out and slowly licked her pussy, tasting the cock that had been there not long before. Suddenly the door opened and in walked Lauren, her face a picture of lust and satisfaction, she walked over to me and pulled me up, pulling me against her, her body a sticky mess, pushing her tongue down my throat she murmured as we kissed, tasting I did not know how many men's cum, she pulled away and made me lick her tits laughing at me as I sucked cum from her nipples.

She slipped from my arms and laid down on the bed, spreading her legs she told me to lick her clean and suck it all out of her, I bent down and lapped lovingly at her wide open pussy, my legs being parted as my mistress, came up behind me and started to brush her strap on cock against my tight arsehole, slowly she thrusted into me building up her rhythm as my arse began to open itself up for her, it was a mixture of intense pain but incredible pleasure, my balls and cock throbbing from being caged for so long. I looked up and there at the glass was a crowd of men many wanking over the window. Finally Lauren climaxed over my face taking longer than normal as she was so spent from her evening of being fucked and used. The prostitute pulled out of me and left me bent over the edge of the bed with my arse hole wide open with lube dripping from my hole, Lauren slid from the bed and came round behind me, she undid the cage that had been on my cock for what seemed like an age, she knelt down underneath my balls taking my cock into her mouth and pulled my arse further apart and slipped 3 fingers deep into my arse, the pleasure of her licking and sucking my cock as she finger fucked me was too much to handle and I shot my come down into her throat, at last after having seen my wife have so much cum, she finally had mine inside her. She stood up and lovingly hugged and kissed me, we turned to the window, and saw the men furiously wanking, Lauren climbed onto the bed on all fours and stuck her whole hand into her pussy, smiling at me and saying that it was not fair that anyone should be left unsatisfied. The window was soon a mess of spunk Lauren happily climbed from the bed and arm in arm we walked from the room.

We made our way back to the bar, Lauren stopping and kissing her many lovers on the way, we sat at the bar and enjoyed a drink, Lauren with her legs wide apart stroking her sore pussy and rubbing her fingers against my lips, as she relived the evenings exploits. Finally we retrieved our clothes, but Lauren just slipped her coat on over her bodystocking, loosely doing it up, we made our way out, not before Lauren promised the barman that we would be back tomorrow afternoon, for some more fun. As we climbed into the taxi, she promised me that tonight I was all hers.