Written by relentless1

30 May 2015

Just a story...

We had just moved house, and had a busy weekend unpacking boxes. My wife was taking a couple of extra days off work to sort a few things out, most importantly the sky engineer who was coming that morning to connect up our internet and TV.

Just before I was leaving for work, I was watching as my wife got dressed, sat on the edge of our new bed, pulling up her tights. It made me feel a little horny, so as I went over to kiss her goodbye I let my hand wander down between her legs and kissed her deeply. She likes being taken by surprise like that, so her legs opened slightly to allow my fingers to rub her pussy as she started to moan gently. I had to leave to catch my train, but told her that we were going to christen our new bed that night, and she smiled.

When I got to work, I settled down with my first coffee of the day and then messaged my wife to see if the engineer had arrived yet. “Yes, I’ve just made him a tea”, followed by “He’s nice”. I was a bit surprised by the second comment, but I knew what she meant and my heart skipped. “Nice, as in your type?” I asked, “Yes” she replied and described him - late 20’s, a bit of a lad, sleeve tattoos. “Mmm, maybe leaving you with a tingling pussy this morning wasn’t a good idea”, I said cheekily. “No, I think that was quite dangerous. I might have to see if he’ll help me out”, she replied. Now my heart was beating faster, and I questioned “Would you really?”, to which all I got back was a smiley face.

20 minutes passed, before I get another message - “It’s happening”. I replied asking what she meant but the message went unread. Nearly an hour passed. I couldn’t concentrate on work, I kept checking my phone. When it suddenly beeped and I got a message, it was followed directly by a photo which took my breath away. The photo was of her from behind, on all fours, with pools of spunk over her lower back tattoo and the top of her arse. The message simply read “Call Me”.

I quickly left the office and went outside to the street where I could talk more freely. I called her number, and it was answered. “Oh my god, what have you done?”, I quickly asked. But there was no reply. “Hello?” I said. Still no reply. I thought maybe I had a bad line, when I heard a gentle moan come from the other end and I listened carefully. There was another, followed by “oh god”. She was still fucking him! And I could hear every sound. My mind was racing and the moans were getting louder and more passionate. I heard, “Oh god I need you to fuck me again” before the line went dead.

I resisted trying to call back as I could see she had played along with one of my fantasies of hearing her having sex over the phone. I went back to my desk and got another coffee, checking my phone every 30 seconds.

It was over half an hour before I heard from her again. “He’s gone now.” the message read. I grabbed my phone and went back outside and called her up. She wasn’t very talkative and I could tell from her short breath that she was still recovering; which usually means she has had multiple orgasms. “Was he good?” I asked first. “Uh-huh” she simply replied. “I can’t believe you did it’’, I exclaimed, “Was he bigger?”, “Yes, longer” she said, “I need to go and clean up” and we hung up.

Over the next hour or so I managed to get the full story out of her over texts. She had been flirting with him and had made it very obvious she was up for some fun, and he didn’t need any prompting to follow up on that. She had taken him up to our bedroom, laid him down on our new bed, unzipped his trousers and released his cock. It was already pretty hard, but she’d taken it in her mouth and sucked him till he was rock solid. He quickly helped her dispense with her clothes, and she removed his trousers before straddling him. She was very wet by this point, and we hadn’t got around to unpacking the box where we kept the condoms either, but she was past caring about that. She grasped his cock with one hand and then lowered herself onto it, and slid down the full length. She rode it like that for a while, one hand gently playing with herself. She later got off and got into a doggy-style position, which is her favourite, and he went at it hard and fast as she urged him to go harder and deeper. Before long he wanted to cum, so she told him to pull out and shoot it all over her back. After he did it, she passed him her phone and told him to take a photo, which is what she sent to me.

After clearing up, she laid back and he went down on her pussy and started to eat her out - this is the point where I was on the phone. After making her cum several times she was demanding his cock back in her. He fucked her missionary for 20 minutes while she made herself come a few more times. Just as he was about to cum again, he pulled out and let it spray all over her shaven pussy.

The rest of my day at work was a write-off, and the first thing I did when I got home was take her up to our new bed, and was the second man to fuck her on it that day.