Written by ado

16 Nov 2008

Hi im Ado i been pestering my beautiful size 8 dd wife Mary to suck another mans cock for the last 2 years... we have been married for the last 4 years both 27 years old. Just 3 months ago we went out to a friends birthday party at the local pub.

mary never drinks but just this one time she did (witch was to my advantage). there were bout ten of us there all blokes since i was the only one married all eyes were on marys tits.

mary never was comfortable with showing off her tits they were usualy covered but after a few drinks her top got lower and the boys were very focused witch turned her on we were also on the conversation of sex and mary wispered in my ear that she was very wet and wanted some cock. (i asumed she was talking about mine cause she has never touched any other cock but mine). then mary said she wanted one in her mouth and one in her wet pussy. the boys could tell she was horny but dident really stir her. i dident want to shear my wife with the boys cause i dident want to ruin our friendship\'s.

so mary and i left the pub mary pretty drunk, i then asked her again if she wanted me to find another man she replyed \"yes\" so i quickly thought of a wild plan. This is the good bit, we jumped in a cab the other type of cab and there we had a black driver told him were we lived and negotiated a price 14 quid.

as we got driving i got playing with marys big boobs she then un did her top and out they actually came the cab driver was looking i could tell he was likeing it i was rock hard, As we pulled up at our pace i asked the cabby if he would let my wife suck his cock as a payment \"ofcorse\" he said, so i tokld him to come inside with us.

he was tall bout 6.5\' solid build but very black.... as we got in my wife was taking off her clothes i could tell she was excited but also nerves, we were in the lounge and the cabby was sitting on the lounge and mary walked up to him pulled out his 11 inch cock it was massive and it looked nearly 3inch\'s thick. the look on her face was amazing she was shocked (since my cock is bearly 5 inches long and a inch wide) well she took it in her mouth and started sucking well what she could fit in anyway.

wile she was sucking this monster cock i sliped my cock in her from behind in her wet wet wet pussy, i never seen mary so wet she was dripping the cabby was loving the bj cause as mary went on she worked her way into deep throat and nearly fitted his whole monster cock in her mouth. after 5 min mary got up and demanded she had this huge cock in her tight pussy as i had been the only one to fuck mary she had never expirienced a big cock. so i sat her on the lounge and told the cabby it was ok and he brought his weppon over, i told him to take it slow as she was tight so he did, just the first 4inches went in and she was screaming, then by the time the whole thing was in she had tears to her eyes, but diddent want him to stop, the cabby was loving it as he went faster and faster he went for about 4min till he bursted out cum i never have seen so much of it he pulled his cock out and cum squirted out of mary\'s pussy like a running tap... the cab driver was so happy for the invite he couldent thank me enought, as he got dressed he said mary was the tightest fuck he has ever had, he left his number and then left.

mary was sore for days and she was not toght for me for a week, mary then kept speaking of that night for a few weeks saying how much she liked it so i aventually gave her the cabby\'s number she now fucks him atleast once a week when im at work and i know when he has been there cause i can nearlly fit my hand in her pussy in the evening when i get home.. so wife mary to slut hore, just how i like it.