25 Jun 2019

This is my first story on here so bare with me (fantasy)

My wife has a friend who we comes round to our house on a regular basis or we go to hers for food and wine she is absoloutly drop dead gorgeous shes in her late 30's very small blonde hair and a great figure with amazing round fake tits not too big just right! Her tight little bum looks good enough to eat! (Oh how i want to) i often sneak into her bedroom when we visit her house to have a look around her underwear draw and even in her washing basket and have a good smell of her dirty knickers they smell amazing! And taste even better ( i have a little fetish for dirty underwear)

I often think of different ways we could fuck this is my favourite.

Im in her bath room with her dirty knickers under my nose and my 9inch cock in my hand having a good stroke and sniff when she walks in and catches me.

"What are you doing" she says im stuck in shock but dont take the knickers away from my nose or hide my hard cock away from her she stands there looking at me up and down eyes on her knickers and my cock and instructs me to carry on stroking my cock she lifts up her little white dress and shows me her white thong with a little damp patch on them from her juicy wet pussy "you like sniffing my dirty knickers you naughty boy" she walks over to me gets on her knees and licks the full length of my cock and wraps her lips around the tip and takes nearly the full length down her throat she keeps going for a few mins and she keeps stroking my cock faster and tighter while telling me to sniff her dirty knickers taste her dirty pussy in them asking me how she tastes and if i want to taste the real thing...obviously i do i sit her on the edge of the bath and throw one of her legs over my shoulder i kiss her waiting pussy through her little white wet thong just to get a sniff and taste of them too then slide them to the side and without warning i dive right into her tight shaved cunt and OMG she tastes sooo good i lick her pussy till she cant take any more and cums over my face and in my mouth! Then i turn her round move her thong and dart my tounge and burry my face between her peachy little arse cheeks and tounge fuck her tight sexy arsehole all while rubbing and finger fucking her clit (i could cum licking a pussy and arsehole) my drive takes over and i pick her up wrap her legs around me and fuck her up against the bathroom wall our tounges rolling round each others mouths, i then bend her over the bath slide my cock in from behind her and watch it stretch her tight little pussy i hold her up and demand she pulls her arse cheeks apart for me to see her tight sexy arsehole im pumping in and out of her getting deeper and harder everytime shes getting louder and panting harder so i put her dirty knickers in her mouth to keep her moaning quieter. I ask her where she wants me to cum and she tells me she wants it in her mouth she wants to taste my spunk i pull out and she kneels infront of me telling me to fill her mouth with hot cum so she can swollow it all....i explode in her mouth and she swollows every last drop she tells me i can keep her knickers as she will be coming to collect them when she wants me again!

I wish all that was true and it has given me a raging hard on just writing that...think im going to have to take care of it...this is my first story on here and i know the grammer police will be out but just try to enjoy it like i have

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