Written by Paul T

28 Jul 2017

I’m Paul and I married to Jenny. We are both 28, we have a great life and sex is fantastic but we have started to do things that are I guess you would say a bit weird. I know this isn’t exactly a swinging story but we read stories and wanted to share this with you.

Jenny and I keep ourselves in good shape and we have had plenty of opportunities to fuck around but have always been faithful. Only two weeks ago we went on a weekend spa brake when a couple staying at the hotel actually hinted at swapping. We refused but we were tempted.

So what’s our story. Well Jenny can be a bit of an exhibitionist and tends to wander around the house either topless or completely naked especially if she’s just got out of the bath or shower and it isn’t long before we go to bed at night. She has an amazing body, slim, fantastic arse firm pert breasts with big deep red nipples. So, our bungalow backs onto another and some time ago Jenny admits to something that at first pissed me off but now I’m fully on board with.

She was tidying up when she saw our male neighbour in his bedroom. She stops and watched and was basically day dreaming watching him when he takes his top off. Then he glanced over to her and smiled, she smiled back and that was that. A couple of days later she had just had a shower and was basically naked except for her knickers. She went to the window and looked out and as she did she pressed against the cold glass and the feeling of the cold glass on her breasts took her breath away and she started pleasuring herself. Now Jenny is very active sexually and tells me quite openly that when I’m working nights she sorts herself out and has great sex on her own with her ‘rampant rabbit’ vibrator that I bought her for her birthday some time ago.

Move forward a few more days and I’m working nights. She was ready for bed when she saw our neighbour wearing only a towel. She tells me that he looked so hot and she starts daydreaming which is typical of her. She watches him in his bedroom and ended up opening her PJ top and pressing her breast against the glass then she tells me that he drops his towel. His cock isn’t quite a big as mine (or so she says ) but the sight took her breath away. She was so mesmerised that she says she honestly didn’t remember dropping her top but she found herself topless touching herself and spying on our neighbour.

At first I was a bit pissed off but found the funny side eventually and to be honest Jenny has always been wild in the bedroom but since all this started I am struggling to keep up and we end fucking at every opportunity.

So back to the ‘event’. He looks up and smiles, she tells me she was horrified and didn’t know whether to smile back, wave or both or just run but in the end she waved and he waved back but instead or moving away they just spend time looking at each other completely starkers.

So we talk about this and she tells me that it was just a horny experience and nothing else but I go to wondering how far this guy would take it and we decided to see. I had to agree not to get angry if he stares at her or suggests something and I agreed. At the end of the day its just harmless fun.

A few evening later I make sure that I can’t be seen and Jenny goes to the bedroom window topless a few times. Then she is doing her shouting in a whisper thing telling me that he’s back. I switch the hall light off and creep into the next door bedroom which is in darkness and watch.

This guy is naked apart from a towel as though he has just come out of the bath or shower. He looks over at Jenny, drops his towel and start to slowly wank himself. I can hear Jenny breathing heavily. I called to her to ask her if she was enjoying all this and I can hear her grunting ‘fucking hell’ and ‘oh fuck’. I creep to the bedroom making sure I don’t move any doors and she’s pressing herself against the glass and fingering herself. I ask her if she’s fucking this guy in her head and she pants back something about me saying it was ok. I rush back to the other bedroom and watch and listen. I watch his tossing himself off looking at my wife and I can hear Jenny groaning until she howls as she climaxes whilst at the same time this guy shoots his load.

This wasn’t what I expected and felt it went a bit too far but Jenny assures me that it was just a bit of fun and so I agree that she can do it again. Once again his nob comes out and him and Jenny for all intents and purposes are fucking. She’s howling, her nipples are solid and she fucking her hand until she screams. But this time I’m in our room watching her, my nob is solid and I can’t help put have a wank. I look up a little but Jenny grunts that he mustn’t see me so I’m careful and this is where I think it went to far.

Jenny is rubbing her clit and squeezing her tits, staring at this guy grunting as though she was actualy fucking him , I look up just in time to see him shoot his load into his hand and hold it to the window as though offering it to Jenny. I look over to her and she licks the glass. I told her that was fucking out of order and she seems to come to her sense, gets on her knees and crawls over and sucks me off letting me cum in her mouth.

We didn’t talk much for a few days after that until we have a heart to heart and she admits that although she loves me very much she wants to have more ‘fun’. I ask her if she means him and she tells me that she wants to see what it feels like to have his cock inside her with me watching from the bedroom. After a long talk I have agreed that she can get it out of her system but he mustn’t cum inside her, he must wear a condom. She has agreed but as of today its just the usual wanking and stuff but now when she’s doing it she howls and grunts things like ‘ I fucking want it in’ me ‘and ‘ please Paul he’s got to fuck me’. I’m not going to push the issue but I’m not sure how long I can hold it off.

I'm sorry if this is rambling but my heads in a shed at the moment.