Written by hopefull

16 May 2007

i walk in you wait for me in red sheer underware,we kiss slowly at first but building all the time,my breathing gets quicker,i have waited such along time to get to this point,my cock stains for realease,you lead me to the bed,lie down opening your legs inviting me to join you,i kneel over you and caress your body feeling your nipples rise to join me,i work my way slowly down your body untill i can feel how wet you are,not yet,first i want to taste you i want to play with your nipples with my tounge i want to see you moving underneath me waiting for my cock i will tease you until you call out for it until you need it more than anything else in your life,then slowly with just the head inside you i slowly slip it in,keeping a slow,deep, steady reathem,when your ready you push me on my back,you on top your breasts hanging over me,you start the speed you need until you climax and let your juices run down my cock,you smile and say your turn before slowly sucking my cock in to your soft warm mouth,i know im not going to last i warn you but you keep going until i cum,i will continue to wait and hope this comes true,and you can work out its from me xxx