Written by barty

10 Jan 2008

I have discovered by accident on my gf’s laptop that she accessed some porn sites with threesomes doubles and cum lubricated pussies. She 26 nice boobs nice ass nice face she was a good fuck. The next weekend I was out with my rugby mates to celebrate Allan’s birthday. We all knew each other, the party was good fresh supply of local birds beer kept us going, some of us pulled some had a wank in the toilet. We were all drunk as with most lads the talk was all sport and sex… chris said that he fucks like a machine and that he had not shagged for two months or wanked for 5 days so his balls are full (this set me thinking…)…anyway back at mine (Chris and Gary could not drive back home) the lads crashed on the sofas I gave them some of my hot films and went upstairs. I was a bit randy had visions of randy guys coming up and giving Lisa something to remember could not get to sleep and whispered in her ear that three cocks ready to empty their balls overfilled with hot man-batter were ready downstairs she could not fall asleep and I noticed that she started to breathe quicker…my cock was hard now I asked is it okay? She said as long they have fucking rubbers on no problems I left the bed went downstairs two of them were wide awake in the kitchen looking for something to drink Chris was having a quiet wankin front of the telly ‘have something better for ya ya tosser!’ I filled them in on the details Chris asked if I didn’t mind him giving my gf a good hard fucking ‘after warming up here I’d be surprised if you didn’t mate’ anyway upstairs Chris offered his meat to Lisa she quickly began to suck on it John pulled his now rock hard cock out and started to wank it then started to finger fuck my gf. Chris turned her over put the rubber on his dick he was about 7 inches but very thick I had not seen anything like it a fucking can of beer…’oh youre tight, so fucking tight’ Lisa cried out a little at the pain of him stretching her..but enjoyed it..he gave her not time to adjust!……fast rough deep thrusts he fucked her like a fucking piston! 3 thrusts a second! Huge heavy and tight balls slapping against her asshole with a thump that’s what she needed he fucked her aggressively like that for a good few long and strokes slowed for a sec…fucking hell I slipped off condom…Lisa didn’t react she fucking loved it…he grabbed Lisa as if he was tackling her sank to a lowest point groaned stopped moving and started to blast inside. One last thrust and he was done!They stayed locked in that position the feel of a full stiff cock chris stayed in for a bit to enjoy the freshly lubricated pussy and pulled out ‘nice one mate’ said gary and rammed his dick in…’this is fucking nice and wet’ a few thrusts, bull groan, tight squeeze and let his throbbing cock pump his cum. I was soon in up to the balls ‘fuck the two fuckers made you slippery’ I could feel spunk all over my knobhead… I had not fucked such a wet pussy before…soon I added my load to the mixture. A brief break watching a bluey downstairs and our balls were refilled and cocks ready for more fucking this time Lisa required a double dose of cock at the same time Chris and Gary soon filled her cunt and Chris this time grabbed Lisa’s head and fuckfaced her for all he was worth to a gagging point she loved it I decided to make it all more interesting and call Allan… the vision of more cocks fucking my gf and lubricating her cunt turned me on Lisa wanted to build up some tolerance for dick anyway…soon he came…with two of his mates, All right mate ‘all right mates’ one of them had a hand in his pocket and was making his dick ready for some action’ fuck you ain’t too shy mate’ ‘u mind if we come in’ ‘Allan must ‘ve filled them in on the details. No sooner had we entered the room their dicks were out! Soon there were seven of us. Chris sank home again fuck it is really muddy in here lads! Allan replaced him after he offloaded. Jason was soon pulling her on as far as he could and shooting his load into her pussy fuck! another load in her unprotected pussy not to worry said Chris ‘let’s upload as much as while the night lasts mate said Simon who came with Allan. Simond had the biggest pair of balls I hade evr seen so was not surprised when he emptied his sack..he came a river! Lisa was moaning and demanding another round now so why not? John entered her pussy now and was fucking her like Chris did. the other one was tossing over her pussy Chris was her mouth wanking over it. One hour and she must have had at least one pint of hot and sticky jizz inside her…anyway somehow another three of my mates came to my house ‘oi mates’ u all right mate? Allan txted and said u ‘ave some hot cunt in here? Okay if we give’r a good shagging? Sure come in I didn’t care at this stage I was as randy as fuck ‘don’t play with her cunt mates just give it a good hard fucking till you come she likes it that way’ no problem mate… one of them was huge his dick was not that long but measured by us lads at 9” in girth thicker than Chris’s fuck me! you will teach her how to give birth to babies mate with that cunt-stretcher of yours mate! Lisa wanted to have it inside asap. In the meantime Parry one of the new lads fucked her upper wall very fast she nearly came then she impaled herself on his dick he set his balls in motion a blur by now and offloaded soon afterwards it is fucking wet in here how many of you have shot their fucking loads? The fucking got more aggressive…. Parry’s gun parted her pussy lips and disappeared inside.. Jason was face fucking her cum filled mouth Chris had another go this time with Gary they went 2 up my cock was hard again. Gary fucked her deep into her lubricated ass offloading soon afterwards his dick being so thick all the jizz deposited before coming out chris was again in his element after they came another sets of balls were beating against one another in a double with each thrust more and more spunk came out I had another go after Parry. The 9” stallion and Allan fucked her mouth now.

The next day we woke up the bed wet with spunk jizz all over the shop balls aching from over use all of us. Lisa woke up and thanked me for staging it all my pleasure next weekend we repeated the fest the thickest guns welcome. Lisa was lucky she wasn’t impregnated on that night.