Written by James_coburn

14 Nov 2014

I had always fancied my wifes mother Liz and finally got to screw her on holiday in tenerife a few years ago.. We had adjoining rooms and one afternoon wife and father had gone for a walk..liz just walked into my room wearing only a short red t.shirt and asked if i could rub her stiff shoulder..so i began rubbing her left side ..my dick started to rage and i chanced it and put my other hand on her breast... To my pleasant surprise she gasped and said yes i know you want me and i want you...as she turned round she raised her hands and i whipped off her t.shirt to reveal her naked 62 year old body..a bit wrinkly belly but what lovely hairy pussy..she lay down on the bed and opened her legs and i just put my head between them and began licking her fanny..she was loving it moaning and sighing..she then demanded i fuck her doggy style..she got into position and i thrust my seven inch cock into her..i grabbed both tits as i pumped her silly ..please she cried fill me with your spunk..i was almost there anyway as she cried out as she came and then i shot my cream into her..what an amazing feeling..she then left quickly to get showered in her own room as i made up our bed as if nothing had happened .If only my wife and father knew but it was our little big secret.