Written by Anonymous

22 Jul 2019

I have been to a few naturist beaches now and find them extremely free and erotic. This is my fantasy...

I walk onto the beach and, nervous, I start to take off my clothes. It seems full of men today and I am reluctant to get fully naked, leaving my boxers on for now.

The day goes on and now a few couple and women are on the beach. The site of their naked bodies is so refreshing and, I admit, a huge turn on.

A couple come onto the beach an sit in an area next to me. They are middle aged and she is very pretty. They both say hello and start to undress. Her body is amazing with pert tits and a nicely shaven pussy. She is curvy and very sexy.

The lay down their towels and the husband starts to put up a small tent behind them to get shade when needed.

He starts to talk to me and they are nice and friendly. I had forgotten that I was not completely naked (transfixed by her amazing body) until she asked why I was wearing shorts. I replied that i was still a bit nervous. She confidently said that she had seen me look her up and down and, with a smile on her face, said that it is only fair that she is able to see my cock! Her husband laughs and apologises. However, I cannot stop looking at her lovely round tits so i stand and start to remove my shorts. My cock is now semi-hard and I am conscious as people across the beach turn to look.

I look at the wife and she smiles and tells me it looks good and not to be nervous. I see her husband start to rub his cock a little.

She encourages me to come closer and tells me they have been naturist for years and love the freedom of being naked in public places. She loves being an exhibitionist and loves people looking at her body. I tell her it is fantastic and, looking at my now hard cock says she can see I like it! She reaches over and starts to rub it, asking me if it is ok. I am conscious of the people around me but it feels good. I ask if her husband minds and she ell me he likes to watch. Slowly wanking me I notice him doing the same, his eyes locked on her hand around my hard cock.

I will write more if people want me to...