Written by TomB

1 Aug 2017

Gym Surprise

My wife and I enjoy fantasy sex and it always gets us off. She likes it when I tell her I want her to be a hot naughty wife.

The other day, just as she was leaving for the gym she asked if I was serious about me wanting her to be naughty. I said of course i do, and she just smiled and left.

She was a little late getting home than usual so I decided to take my shower and pour us a glass of wine, expecting her at any moment.

I heard her come in the bedroom and she told me to lay naked on the bed. I pulled off my pj bottoms and laid back on the bed. She wasted no time taking my cock in her mouth and started sucking and moaning on my now very hard cock. I asked her what made her so hot and she said well it's your fault! Then she went on to explain.

She said that our fantasy fucks and me wanting her to be a hot naughty wife had gotten her so excited that when a guy at the gym (that had been flirting with her, that she hadn't told me about) came over to help her with her work out that she began to tease him a little. She said she accidently let her hand brush up against his cock and then just looked up and smiled at him. She said that as she was leaning over the work out bench he came over and brushed his cock against her ass. When she turned around he asked her if he could walk her to her car when she finished her workout.

They meet up in the lobby and he walked her to the car. She said as she opened the door he grabbed her and began kissing her. At first she said she was a little taken back but it made her hot and she started kissing him back. She said she could feel his hard cock against her belly and her pussy was getting wet. She broke the embrace and sat down in the drivers seat and managed to pull his hard cock out of his gym shorts and sucked the head of his cock for a few seconds before she realized that wasn't the place for a married woman to be seen giving head to someone in the parking lot that wasn't her husband. She said he was begging her to let him fuck her but she told him he would have to wait.

My cock was throbbing at this point when she quit sucking my cock and undressed and positioned her pussy over my cock and began riding me like a wild woman. She said the experience at the gym was nothing like she would never think about doing but it had made her so fucking hot that she just had to come home and tell me about it and get my hard cock in her wet pussy. As she was fucking me she asked me how I liked her being the naughty wife and when I told her it was so fucking hot she asked me if I wanted to watch her riding her gym cock guy. When I said I did, she asked me if he could cum in her married pussy. That put us both over the top and we both cummed together.

After we had caught our breath and calmed down I told her how hot her story was. Then she told me it was going to get even hotter. She said she had invited him over the next night for wine. At this point I didn't know what to say or do. Fantasy was one thing but now she was truly into being a naughty hot wife. Despite my reservations my hard cock was all the permission she needed and she said I see how hard it makes your cock when I'm your naughty wife.

The next day was dragging on and I was excited about our evening plans. We decided to have a few glasses of wine before her guest arrived and we were both a little tipsy when the door bell rang. She told me I should answer the door and invite 'our' friend in. I open the door and I must say I was a little shocked. The gym cock guy standing in the door way was a nice looking black guy about our age and powerfully built. I recovered quickly and asked him to come in. I led him to the den and went to find my wife in the kitchen and get him a glass of wine. When I walked in she looked at me smiling. I said I didn't know your friend was black! She just smiled and said I felt really naughty and wanted to surprise you. Besides I've seen those black cock websites you visit that you don't think I know about. This caught me by surprise and then she asked me again if I liked her being the naughty wife. She grabbed the bulge in my pants and said, I thought so.

We brought our guest his wine and made small talk and drank two more bottles of wine. We were all getting loosened up and the conversation turned to sex. Gina told Ken that when she got home and told me about their gym trice it had gotten me hard and how I fucked her when she was telling me about it. Ken just smiled and I noticed he was reaching down to rearrange his hard cock. Gina said she was stepping out for a second. When she left Ken told me that my wife was smoking hot and that he hoped I wasnt' mad about him being over. But before I could answer Gina came back in the den wearing only a pair of red thong panties.

She took command and told us both to undress. As I got undressed I was watching Ken as he pulled his underwear down. I watched a massive hard cock spring up and slap his belly. Gina was watching to, as she giggled and said oh my! That is a hard cock right there! She had us both sit on the sofa and she got on her knees in front of us and started sucking both of our cocks. I noticed she was really getting into sucking Ken's cock and fondling his big ball sack.

She then asked me if I wanted her to suck my cock while Ken fucked her. I told her I wanted to watch her ride Ken's big black cock. She smiled and walked over to me and took my hand and put it on her pussy. I've seen and felt her wet pussy before but I had never seen it this hot and wet. She asked me if I thought her tight wet married white pussy could take all of Ken's hard black cock. She was beginning to get into her naughty wife role and then she asked me if I was ready to watch her ride his cock. I said oh yeah baby you are so fucking hot.

She had Ken put the sofa pillows on the floor and told him to lay back. I took a seat that would allow me to see her from behind when she was ready to take Kens' cock in her pussy.

She got down on her knees beside Ken and took both hands around his cock and began to suck him again. Ken began to thrust his hips up and telling her how much he wanted her white pussy on his black cock. Gina looked back at me and asked me if I was ready to see her fuck her first black cock. Then she asked me what are you going to do if he comes in me? Do you want to see his big black cock cumming in your wife's pussy!? Ken answered for both of us when he said I'm going to cum deep in your wife's pussy and there is nothing you can do about it.

Gina moaned and straddled Ken's hips and lowered her hot pussy over the black purple head of Ken's cock. Oh fuck she said, his cock is so big and so fucking hot! Ken let her ease her wet pussy down the shaft of his cock until she couldn't get any more into her pussy. I could still see some of his black shaft that wasn't in her pussy yet. Gina began to shudder and had cum on this cock without him moving. Of fuck she said I've got to cum on your black cock. Once she had settle back down Ken put his big hands around her waist and started slowly easing his cock in and out of her pussy. I was stroking my cock in time with Ken's strokes. Gina was moaning and sighing softly and then she started telling Ken how good his big black cock felt in her pussy. She looked back at me and asked me if I liked watching her fuck a big black cock. When I told her I did she started riding Ken's cock a little harder and then exploded in another cum. At this point Ken looked at me and told me how hot my wife's pussy was and how much he liked fucking my white wifes pussy. He asked Gina if should would lie on her back so he could fuck her that way. As Gina slowly released her pussy hold on his cock I could see her pussy lips clinging to Ken's cock. His cock literally popped out of Gina's tight pussy. He told her to lay back so he could fuck her good. Gina spread her legs like I have never seen her do before. She reached up and guided Ken's hips in position so she could accept his cock again. She told me to come over and guide his black cock into her pussy! I walked over and softly grabbed another mans cock, something I had never done before and began to pump it slowly. I could feel his skin sliding over his cocks hard shaft and felt the veins in his cock. Gina was slowly thrusting her hips up as I moved the big head of his cock to the entrance of her hot wet pussy. I watched as his cock head slid easily into Gina's pussy and heard Gina gasp and Ken moan. I couldn't help myself and shot cum all over Gina's belly without touching myself. The sight of her taking that glistening cock was more than I could take.

I watched as ken began to slowly work his cock into Gina's pussy. He didn't try to shove it all in at once. He was stroking her tenderly and easily and I watched as they started kissing and accepting each others body. Ken slowly eased almost all of his cock into Gina's wet pussy and held it there. Gina kissed him soflty and I heard her say "fill me up with that black cock"! Ken looked at her and smiled as Gina repositioned her legs and thrust her hips up as Ken thrust his hips into Ginas waiting and wanting pussy. I heard his balls slap her ass and heard them both say ahhh that feels so fucking good! Ken pulled out and again slowly sank the entire length of his cock into my wife's pussy. I heard her say oh my god you feel so fucking good. Fuck me baby, fuck me with that black cock. Show my husband how a black man fucks a white wife. Ken began to pick up his pace. Gina was meeting his thrusts. Their fucking had gone from tender fucking to ball ass slapping powerful thrusts as Ken began to grunt and Gina starting to have another cum. She just screamed out how good his black cock felt in her white pussy and how much she was loving him fuck her in front of her husband.

All this fucking and talk had gotten me hard again and I was starting to stroke my cock as I watched Ken position Gina's legs over his shoulders and began to pound her pussy with his powerful cock. I heard Gina moaning and asking him if he was ready to cum. She said oh baby I want you to come in my white pussy, please give me all your cum. Cum deep in my pussy baby, please! Ken couldn't take it any longer either. He picked up his pace and told Gina to get ready for his hot cum. Gina moved her legs from his shoulders and spread her legs as wide as she could get them and a grabbed Kens ass and told him to shoot his hot black baby cum into her hot white pussy! Ken shoved his big cock into my wife's pussy and began grunting as spurt after spurt of his hot cum was unleashed into Gina' pussy. Gina began crying out to, Oh bably I feel your hot cum deep in my pussy, I'm coming to! I shot my second load of cum in the air as Gina and Ken both finished their fantastic fuck in front of me.

They laid there and embraced each other for a few minutes. I was surprised at how Gina was loving on him and him on her after their fucking. Ken slowly withdrew his cock from my wife's pussy and his cum flowed out with it. I had never seen so much cum! Gina reached down and rubbed her pussy and spread the cum all around it. She asked Ken to let her suck his cock. Ken moved in position that would allow her to suck and clean his cock. At this point I couldn't believe it, my cock was getting hard again. Gina saw me hand stroking my cock and asked me if i wanted to fuck her. She said do you want to fuck my pussy after all that big black cock got it ready for you?! Come over here and push your cock in my black fucked pussy.

I got between Gina's legs and slowly put my cock in her pussy as I watched her continue to suck Ken's big cock. Fuck me baby, fuck that black cum filled pussy! As soon as I entered Gina's pussy I could feel Ken's hot cum all over my cock. Gina's pussy was hot and loose. I fucked her as hard as I could and added my cum to Ken's.

Did you like that baby? Gina asked. Did you like fucking my cum filled pussy? I hope so because Ken is getting ready to fuck me again. Ken's cock was hard again from Gina's sucking and he wasted no time getting back between her legs and they both started fucking hard and fast. I watched Gina have several more cums. Ken lasted a long time even with Gina begging him to cum in her pussy again. They both came togetheer a second time.

We now have Ken over on a regularly and I watch him fuck her for hours. He has unbelievable staying power and Gina loves it when he fills her pussy with his hot cum.