Written by toby

27 Feb 2010

we'dhad aparty and it was the early hours of the morning almost everyone had gone home apart from a couple of my friends.they were sitting on the sofa finishing there beers when my wife came in.standing there she looked gorgeous, long legs firm breasts and i knew she wasnt wearing any knickers. we'd talked about me watching her with another man, but she was unsure about it. asshe stood there i told my mates that she wasnt wearing any knickers she was shocked but gave a knowing smile, my mates didnt believe and wanted proof, her dress was a wrap type that fastenedby a belt in the middle, she pulled onthis and opened her dress to prove that she had no undewear on at all, her dress dropped to the floor and she just said whos first they looked at me and i said you heard the lady, they couldnt get there clothes off quick enough, as they stood there naked she knelt before them andtook it in turns sucking them taking them right tothe back of her throat,id got the camcorder and was filming all the action, she told them that she was there whore and they had to use her anyway they wanted, now on her hands and knees she was sucking a cock when she felt the other beingpushed in to her pussy, slowly at first then harder and faster making her moan and shake as she came, then she wastold to sit on his cock and ride it i watched as she rode it and then her hair was pulled back and a cock was pushed into her mouth, as she's sucking his cock i told him to fuck her arse while she was riding the other, he went round and slowly started to push his cock into her arse she moan as they started to pump harder into her at which point i put my cock into her mouth filling up all her holes, we then told her to get on her knees cos she was going to drink our cum, she took it in turns sucking and wanking them as threy exploded all over her face and mouth making her drink everything, they then got dressed and thanked us for a great party and left leaving my naked wife with a big smile on her face, i couldnt resist licking her pussy before fucking her myself and exploding filling herpussy with my cum.