Written by Humidortime

3 Oct 2011

Edward had realised over the past few years, that ladies of a certain age, seemed to take notice of him. He was 77 now, and quite solvent. He dressed well, and had a roving eye for ladies of a certain disposition, those with a larger than average bust. He had been involved with several " younger " ladies over the past 3 years, the latest being Carol, a very large breasted lady, aged 58. She was not only buxom, but had a shapely backside, and Edward had enjoyed her company, for the last few months. Tonight, he was taking her to his favourite restaurant, and afterwards, back to his flat, for a little nightcap. He picked her up in his Jaguar, he knew it was the right car for him, it spoke volumes to the ladies. Carol got in, smelling of perfume, and well dressed, with an expansive cleavage, this did little for his lust, just increasing his wanting by several notches. Carol leant forward, and resting her hand on Edward's thigh, very close to his rapidly swelling groin, said, " Hi Ted, I hope you are going to look after me tonight ", and kissed him on the cheek. Moving her hand away, one of her manicured red nails, seductively scratched his flies and then moved way.

They arrived at the Restaurant, and made their way in, Carol's breasts, swaying seductively, as she sat down at their table. Edward could barely control himself, but managed to move through the meal, with polite conversation. However, they both knew what the were really interested in. At the end of the meal, they left the restaurant and walked back to the car. Once inside, and before driving away, Edward gave Carol a kiss, rubbing one hand over her full breast, squeezing gently, but firmly. Carol responded by rubbing her had up his thigh, and caressing the outline of his penis, gently scratching the tip, as she did so. Edward's undercarriage swelled, and he felt the urge to ravish her, where they were, but knew that a car was not the best place to give his best, being a man of older years.

Carol made all the right noises, as they drove the short distance to his flat. Continuing to caress him, and showing more of her full breasts, as she became aroused, herself. She told him what a big man he was, as she rubbed him, which made him feel good. She wasn't the first of his " girl friends " to say this, and it just made him feel a lot younger and more powerful than his real years.

Arriving at his home, they headed for the lift. In the lift to his floor, Edward shared a kiss with Carol, pushing his groin against her, grinding himself into the hairy bush, that hid beneath her skirt. She pulled him closed and pushed her hand into the waistline of his trousers, reaching down until she reached her prize. Grabbing him, and caressing his loose balls, he knew she was ready. He squeezed her breasts, kissing the overflowing cleavage, his moustache tickling her bosom, as he kissed them. As the lift stopped, they pulled away from each other and made there way to the flat. Once in, Edward took her coat, and removed his. He would usually have a drink, once home, but tonight knew that there was no time, he couldn't wait. Although he had plenty of stamina for an older man, he was ready, and needed to get down to business, as quickly as possible. She giggled as the made their way into his bedroom, teasing him, by rubbing her hands over her breasts, telling him how she wanted his lips to suckle her swollen nipples. Edward undid his shirt, and swiftly dropped his trousers, as he did, he engorged penis swung free from his pants, and after removing her own top and skirt, Carol knelt before him......