Written by genevieve

28 Jul 2014

It came like a bolt out of the blue when my husband told me he was gay. We are both in our fifties, the kids long since flown the nest.

I asked if it meant he wanted a divorce, he said not. We discussed the situation calmly. I said I could accept him being gay provided he did nothing behind my back, no lurking around public toilets. He should invite his gentlemen friends to our house . In return he must accept if I have lovers that I invite to our house.

That was the agreement we came to. He was using an internet site to meet men and I would look at the profiles and give my opinion. One man in particular looked very nice to me, our age group , well groomed , he described himself as healthily bi-sexual. My husband made contact and soon an evening at our house was arranged.

The gentleman was indeed a good choice, very elegant and well spoken. After a drink and a chat I left them to themselves and went to tidy away, as women do. I then went upstairs, had a shower, got into my nightdress and dressing gown. I thought I should say goodnight to our visitor so went back downstairs.

I opened the door quietly and looked in.

I have never given any thought to how gay men make love , taking it for granted that it was either oral or anal sex. I saw what I expected to see, my husband behind the visitor performing anal penetration. What I did not expect to see was that our visitor had a very large erection.

My immediate thoughts were what a terrible waste. The visitor was looking at me in a lustful way. I had a surge of sexual desire too strong to resist. I went to them and took the visitors erection in my mouth as deep as I could without gagging. The groan of pleasure from him was even more stimulation to me. I could feel my vagina flooding in readiness. I wanted his cock in my pussy .

I slipped off my gown and nighty, and down by him. He understood, he laid on top of me, his cock sliding easily into my pussy. My husband re-entered his anus , and as my husband thrust into the visitor so the visitor thrust into me. All too soon I heard my husband having his orgasm , I felt a splash of wet land on my thigh. My husband had pulled away from the visitor, but the visitor had not pulled away from me. He was now dedicating all his energies into my pussy, pounding his hardness into me. Even as I was in the depths of an orgasm I could feel his cock pumping his spunk into me.

The three of us separated, gasping for breathe and relaxing. My husband went out of the room , returning with glasses of cold white wine for us all. He then went upstairs to the bathroom. When he came back he sat by me, and kissed me very lovingly. I could tell from the smell of soap that he had washed his penis. I knew exactly what he was thinking.

I started stroking both mens penises, and had the pleasure of feeling both mens hands on my breasts, and fingers in my slit. I made the two men sit side by side and took both cocks in my hands, sucking on one then the other. I rubbed the tips of their cocks together and licked both at the same time. I prepared the two men for my next shag.

This time it was my husband in me, the visitor in him. I had orgasm after orgasm, waiting for my lovers to satisfy themselves . It was the visitor who erupted first. As he pulled out of my husbands arse a splash of thick warm spunk dripped onto my thigh. My husband was now thrusting into me, emptying himself into my pussy.

I pushed my husband off me, onto his back , and took his cock into my mouth sucking and licking at the wonderful salty taste of his spunk washed in my juices. I told the visitor to go and wash his cock as I wanted him again. Ten minutes later I was sucking on two lovely erections , preparing them for my use.

I told them what I wanted . My husband sat on the settee, I straddled him , guiding his cock into my very wide and very wet pussy. The visitor came behind me and slid his erection in beside my husbands . Two thick hard gay cocks filling my pussy, thrusting in rhythm , bringing me to orgasm after orgasm.

I am a much happier woman since my husband has been gay. He meets so many nice gentlemen. My husband always takes my advice on who he invites.