Written by NervyCouple

29 May 2014

As explained previously, M and I speak a lot about sexual fantasies as we have sex. Here is another one...

We live next to an old widower named Sid who is 83 years old. A bit frail looking but I still occasionally meet him in the pub when I go out in my own. A couple of weeks ago when the weather was good, I asked him out to the pub but he said he wanted to stay home as he was feeling under the weather. M said that she would look in on him later in the evening.

OK and off I went to the local for a couple of beers. About 9:30, i got a text from M saying that she was with Sid keeping him company as he was a bit low and the kids were at home and I should pop into Sid's place on the way home.

A bit cryptic I though and finished my beer. It is only a 5 minute walk home and I knocked on the door at about 9:45. I heard Sid's distant voice sat "It's open" and I walked in. I smelled cigar smoke and as Sid does have the occasional Cuban cigar, I thought no more of it. I walked into the lounge and there was M in her black cocktail dress and heels standing smoking this large cigar and Sid had his face buried in her vagina under her dress. She looked at me and said, well he is only cleaning up his mess and then took a drag on the cigar and blew smoke in my direction.

I could hear the sounds of him licking my wife and saying what a fabulous fuck she was. It was then that I noticed the damp patches on the dress across her 32b breasts. Her shoulder length hair was rumpled and her lipstick was a bit smudged. I had an instant hard on, here was my wife, smoking a large cigar with a pensioner licking her most private place. I looked at her and she was just about to orgasm as she was biting her bottom lip and groaning. She let out a small grunt as she orgasmed and Sid removed his head from under her dress. As the dress lifted up[, I could see semen running down her leg in a thick creamy trail.

Sid turned to me and said what a wife she was and patted the seat next to him and she sat there. He put his arm round her shoulders and told me to sit on the chair opposite as there was no room on his sofa.

I must have looked shocked and Sid said "Well, when M popped in to see if I was alright, I was having a shower but the door was open. I said I would be down in a minute and i came down in a towel, dripping water. Somehow, the towel fell down and I was standing there naked and my cock was rock hard. Your wife looked at me and I could see the lust in her eyes. However, she simply said she would be back and ran out the door."

Sid continued "I thought she would not be back and i had ruined things. However, she came back in about 10 minutes wearing that dress and heels walking in on me naked in the living room and she simply said Fuck me Sid. Well, what is a man to do..."

I looked at M and she just sat there smoking the cigar, she does not normally smoke, but it did look very sexy and Sid turned in to kiss her on the lips and she responded. They broke off and Sid then said, "Tonight she will sleep with me and you can have her back tomnorrow, but next week, I am arranging for a couple of my friends to pop over and she will come back and join me then. I want her untouched until then so no sex for you my friend. M will be my woman and I will train her for you."

"What do you mean train her Sid?"

"She will be my slut and I will fuck her when I want and with whom i want, isn't that right my dear?"

M looked at Sid and simply nodded.

"I have fucked her already bareback and I know she is not on the pill and is fertile, but what will be will be. So, I am going to fuck her again tonight and she will cook my breakfast, then be home for you, but remember you will not have her pussy until I say so."

More to follow if you like this one.