Written by NervyCouple

1 Jun 2014

Well, hubby had gone to the pub and I was left at home watching TV and the kids being older teenagers were on the consoles in their room. I got bored and I knew that Sid was next door and I decided that I wanted some company rather than watch another poor evening's TV.

I left the house and knocked on Sid's door. He shouted that the door was open and I walked into the hall way. I called out that it was M and I just wanted to see how you were feeling. I heard footsteps on the landing and then Sid said he will be down in a second and there he was at the top of the stairs wearing a towel round his waist. "Sorry, just finished in the shower M". He started to walk down the stairs and the towel started to fall from his waist, I noticed that he wasn't too flabby and despite his age seemed in fine health.

The towel fell from him and I saw a rather large erection pointing at me as he walked down the stairs towards me. "I am so sorry M, but you have done this to me" he said. I stood there torn between shock and intrigue.

"What do you mean?" i stammered.

"Well you are a very sexy woman and I often look at you in the garden when you are out there working or sun bathing. I have made myself cum on more than one occasion while looking at you". Well, that was a revelation, but something in me made me tingle with sexual desire. ME and hubby have often talked about me having sex with an older man and here was Sid, with an erection wanting to obviously have sex with me. I felt a tingling in my vagina that was stirring my lustful desires.

Sid was now at the foot of the stairs no more than three feet in front of me and it was either flee the house or seize the moment. As I was deciding, Sid was kissing me hard in the lips and his erection was pushing into my skirt. I responded to his kissing and my tongue was probing his mouth and clashing with his tongue. I felt his hand go straight to my 32b breast and roughly squeeze my left one. I let out a groan and he said "You want this don't you M. You want this old man to fuck you hard and give you his seed?"

"Ohh yess Sid.. Yes.. Me and J want to bring another man into our lives and we have spoken about you having sex with me, but I was unsure. Now I want your hardness in me".

Sid took my hand and led me upstairs, my head was a whirl of desire and my inhibitions were falling away. My control non existent as my lust took over. Sid led me to the bed and pushed me onto it. He reached up and ripped my knickers off without any gentle touching. This was lust, simple raw lust taking us in to this situation and I spread my legs for him. He climbed onto me and I felt his penis nudge my moist lips. He leaned in to kiss me and he thrust his penis into me without any difficulty. I groaned with pleasure as he entered my body. My husband being the only person to enter my vagina for the last 22 years. This felt so wonderful and so erotic having another man inside me, especially an older man like Sid. Who despite his age was very well kept and in decent shape. Never mind his erection which i guess must be about 8" and quite thick.

He kissed me and then looked at me saying that he will cum in me as he wants me to carry his semen. I mumbled through my sexual fog, I am fertile and not on the pill as hubby has had the snip. He smiled and said whatever will be will be my dear. Then he started to pull his penis out and then quickly pushed it back into me making my body alive with sexual electricity. I didn't have my clothes off and Sid was now into his rhythm, my vagina thrusting up to meet his pushing motions to increase our lustful rhythms.

After a while of this Sid looked at me and said he was cumming, I looked deep into his eyes and said "Give me your seed my darling. Claim me as your own". With that from nowhere I orgasmed and let out a deep sexual sigh and within seconds I felt Sids warm semen shooting into my womb. He kissed me as the second spurt entered me, quickly followed by a third and fourth. Each one slightly weaker than the previous one, but there must have been a lot of cum in me. I felt him soften slightly and we lay there, Sid on top of me spent and caressing my breasts through the material of my blouse.

Me stroking his back and looking at his eyes. "Sid, that was wonderful, you are an incredible lover".

"You have only seen the start my dear and I want you to go home, not clean up your vagina and put on a cocktail dress and heels then send hubby a text and ask him to come back here".

He withdrew his penis from me and I could feel the volume of liquid start to dribble from my lips. Ohh this was so sexual for me, I wanted more and Sid must have read my mind I will fuck you again my dear, but I want to see you smoking a cigar in your cocktail dress whilst I do". At that moment I would have agreed to anything from this man. I raised myself from the bed and got up,Sid's cum running down my leg. "Hurry he said, I need to fuck you again and you should not keep an old man waiting".

I quickly left his house and when I was in my room standing there in the dress and heels, I though, is this what you want M? Are you sure you want this? The answer was easy, Yes I did. The kids didn't even notice me getting back going to my room, as they were still on their consoles playing. My vagina was hungry again and I wanted Sid to fuck me again. I was not sated and I needed him.

I shot back to his house and he was in the living room smoking one of his Cuban cigars. A big thing about 8" long and quite pungent. HE looked at me and said I looked beautiful standing there in my dress and I could see he was hard again. He proffered me teh cigar and said "Smoke this my dear. I want a photo of you in that dress with the cigar". I put the cigar to my red painted lips and I saw Sid had a camera pointed at me.

I heard the shutter click and Sid said "Wonderful M. You look simply stunning. Now, take an inhale, I know you don't smoke, so do not take the smoke down, it will make you cough."

I did as he told me and blew the acrid smoke into the air for him in a very sexual manner. A few more shutter clicks and Sid had several photo's of me smoking a cigar. "This is one of my fetishes M. To see a woman smoking a large cigar is very, very sexual and I have some friends that would love this. In fact, they would love you and I intend to share you with them. You will meet them and they will do with you as they wish." I simply nodded, this was stirring my sexual desires to a new level and the though made me remember Sid's semen drying on my leg.

More to follow...