Written by cheeky jools

16 Feb 2008

I work at a large supermarket chain that i will not name, a few of the girls were chatting and telling me that an ex army guy was starting next wek and he was gorgeous

I met him on my next day shift he was shorter than i usually like but still very sexy he had cropped hair,stocky muscular shoulders and a nice smile.We chatted about family etc and he told me he only wanted this job for a few months as he was at college in the evenings to become a plumber.Thats a stroke of luck i said my bathroom needs a little work and my other half is always at work, always at work eh he said with a cheeky smile and a wink

He came round as planned on the sat morning,dressed in grey tracksuit bottoms that showed a very decent lump lol,i made him a drink and he set off to the job he came to do,i popped my head round and told him i was gonna get changed and if he needed anything just shout,i took my time putting mt best lingerie on,on the off chance the cheeky bugger would come in, so sod it i walked across the landing in full view of him in my suzzies and see through thong

Eye eye he said thats a bit better than your work gear i just laughed and walked towards him pretending to be interseted in the job he had done

He said he had finished and did i want to see the shower working,yes i said, with this he stipped off jumped in the shower to reveal the thickest cock i had ever seen and i have been about when i was younger,do you like what you see

I did and i dropped to my knees to worship this monster, i sucked him hard in seconds and he complemented me on my technique, he stepped out of the shower and bent me over the sink, with one rough, forceful push he entered me, my god i had never been stretched like this before with this girth he hit spots no one had before

he pumped me in an aggressive manner for 10 mins before shooting his load up me, im not on the pill i said and all the cheeky bugger did was wink and kiss my sore pussy

since this he has been to my mates house and mended her tap and is it a coincidence that we are both 3 months preggers?

his new nick name at work is fertile freddie and his work load looks like increasing as 3 more girls want him to check their plumbing xxx