Written by niallrivers

16 Feb 2007

If you are on a site like this it must mean that you are looking for something and that even if you have shagged your brains out the little something makes you return. This is how I am.Quickly put I am a 43 year old male,athletic, functional and vain-aren't we all.I typed into an ad search here.I'm living on an Island so it was easy to narrow it down. I sent off a reply and was pleased yet scared to get a response with a mobile no.I replied saying 'yeah tomorrow 6 p.m.'I am accommodating.The guy says he is 39, fit and up for mutual and oral.Fine.

This is how I hope it will go.

18 00 hours knock at door.Open door and see pleasant slender guy on step. A little nervous about eye contact but X ray vision on, for warts,

insanity etc. Passes that test and is actually quite cute.

'Hi come in'. I usher him in and up to the first floor of my 3 storey house. In the sitting room rather than the kitchen below or the bedroom above. I'm dead nervous so I know I've got to get on with this or I'll lose my urge.

He walks into the sitting room and I catch his arm,squeeze it, turn him and run my left arm firmly over his up and to his shoulder.He is 2 inches taller. I look at my hand and his bulge. I stare him in the eye and cup his balls in my right hand. His eyes linger a sec and then he looks down. I'm ok. I explore his balls and cock from outside his trousers. After a short while my handful of cock twitches and I know he's getting hard. I continue and his eyes meet mine. We smile as I undo the top button of his jeans. Neither of us are into kissing as he cups my package and undoes my trousers. I let him take the lead and soon my trousers fall to my thighs as he clasps and rubs my hardening cock through my pants.Unbuttoning his shirt from the bottom up I notice his pants are cotton and pale green. I decide not to remove his shirt but put both my hands into the waist of his pants and peel them down. His cock is largeish, his balls hang down. Slowly I sink to my knees.I am holding his cock with one hand and support his balls with the other.I lick his cock from stem to tip. I remove the pube from my tongue then cherishingly, I lick his balls.

Anyway guys, my first ever meet is tomorrow and maybe I'll let you know how it was-if he shows up!