24 Aug 2016

Now I know why I don’t like night clubs much its hot, crowded, loud and bad music! Still Maddy did want to come here and it has been a while. I suppose that is what happens when you have a much younger girl friend. We have only known each other fro a few months and I am still not sure how we have ended up together and what she sees in me. But I’m not complaining, we have had some real fun together and amazing sex. I am convinced we come here just so she can show off with all her friends. It is a real turn on watching her on the dance floor with her short skirt and low cut top.

She is quite tall and athletic not lithe, with a lovely figure and the most amazing legs.

Truth is I haven’t seen her for a while and asked some of her friends who said she has probably gone to get some air. What a good idea I thought as I make myself towards the relative safety of the back of the club, and the outside area.

I don’t drink much in place like this ant to remain aware its still pretty alien to me. Anyway I find the doors and push the bar to get out just as the door swings open and one of the bouncers comes in with a wide grin on his face and brushes past me. Wondering what he had been up to I finally took in a deep breath of cooler air, well it is summer, and sat on the step. The door closed the music lessened and relative peace took over.

That was when I heard the noise. Faint at first but the unmistakable sound of someone being pleasured, there were the rhythmic slaps of flesh on flesh and the distinct sounds of female orgasm. This was too much to resist so I got up walked round the corner and could not believe what I saw! there was Maddy, she was facing me with her back to a wall and a blond haired girl kneeling in front of her with her head level with her pussy. I could just make out the shape of someone behind Maddy and between her and the wall. he had his hands on her exposed boobs ……I couldn’t believe it.

I walked closer they saw me - except the blond - and just carried on.

Oh ..Oh ..Oh fuck ..Oh don’t stop .. oh fuck that tongue …… oh thats it thats it …… ooooohhhhh..cummmmmmmming. Maddy just kept cumming and cumming. Never seen her do that before.

Then I saw her go limp and the guy behind her took her weight. The blond got off her knees stood up got out of the way and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand all in one fluid movement. I looked between Maddie's legs and saw the thickest cock I had ever seen, still embedded in her pussy. She was weak at the knees as she looked at me ….’Oh fuck baby that was amazing’… she said to me as she looked into my eyes, the look was of sheer lust. She was completely dishevelled her small white pants were at her knees her top was pulled up - she never wears a bra - and her long dark hair was all over the place.

The guy looked at me and said….. ‘sorry mate but I have just got to cum’ …..he just carried her a few feet to a large bale and bent her over it, The height was perfect for him! Maddie's legs were open and her beautiful peachy arse was just stuck in the air, I noticed the back of her legs was all wet and was wondering what that was all about when he took that thick cock in his hand, moved between her legs and pushed the tip between the lips of her pussy.

Before I could even say anything the blonde came up to me grabbed my crotch pushed herself against me and said …’I think you ought to fuck me seeing as I just sucked your girl friend and made her cum, seems only fair” I tried to utter a protest when Maddy let out a really deep groan as he pushed his cock deep inside her, grabbing the cheeks of her arse he started to thrust …….long steady thrusts.

Before I knew it my hard cock was out of my trousers and she had turned round and was backing onto it. ‘Fucking hell you are wet’…..the words exploded from my mouth involuntarily…. ‘I know it because I loved sucking that wet pussy and sucking her clit as he fucked her’ …..’She squirted you know first time ever!’……. The sight was amazing the young guy was fucking her faster now, he was going to cum soon. Maddy was just constantly groaning and her body was shaking, I am sure she was still cumming. The blonde egged me on, …..’Come on harder’ … I did, I forgot the scene in front of me and concentrated on this delightfully tight and extremely wet pussy.

‘Sorry love” I said, …. ‘Don’t, not yet not yet’…..Then I felt her fingers on her pussy, she was rubbing her clit………’Thats it now, now, now, shoot you load quick’ Couldn’t help it even if I wanted to, god she had a wonderful big tight arse the last thrust was too much and I shot my load deep inside her, ‘Oh fuck yeah…. I can feel that!. oh OH OH OH … I’m cumming toooooooo’.

I think we all came at the same time! I watch the young lad pull his cock out of Maddy and shoot his load all over the cheeks of her arse, just as the blondes pussy drained the last drop from me!

Well it took a while before we all gathered ourselves and got dressed. The guy said hi polite goodbyes and left. Maddy was now at least dressed and the blonde, who’s name is Janine, said thanks and kissed me on the cheek.

Maddy came over sat next to me and putt her head on my shoulder and just said….’OMG’!

She then looked up at me and kissed me on the cheek. and hugged me. I looked at her and asked if she was going to tell me what just happened.

She looked at me and said ‘Yeah its simple, I came out for some fresh air and saw my friend Janine being fucked by Joe, his cock is so big it made her squirt. I said I would like to try that and so I did, that was when you turned up, Janine loves to suck my pussy and both sensations made me squirt for the first time. You were so turned on you couldn’t resist Janine and you fucked her, we all came and it was just ……amazing!’

‘But …But … I never knew you liked girls to suck your pussy’…was all I could say.

‘Ha Ha you are funny’ said Maddy, ‘Come buy me a drink and I will tell you all about it’……………