Written by Anonymous

3 Jan 2019

It was a few years ago that I attended a writing course. As one man among twelve women, I was well outnumbered. Most of them were there for the company and beyond interest in much other than keeping going. Through the ten week course, a couple of the younger ladies produced some really interesting works, but sadly the older ladies were not as inspired and churned out pretty boring episodes of their lives in lifeless characters amid dire plots.

It was as class ended one evening that we had been told we were to produce an anthology. The two younger lasses had much more vivid presentations and I was happy with my efforts which I loved reading out using as many varied vocal accents to help the story lines live. The older contingent fussed about what to write and the group leader said she had listed each person's best writing as the course had progressed so there was no need to fret over new story lines. The leader asked for the various members to get their writing produced in the same type face and size and put them on disc or memory stick. I was chosen to lead the collation with the other younger girls, Claire, a blonde university graduate around twenty five with a great sense of humour, and Georgia, a dark haired beauty aged about thirty, single mother and a flirty attitude which wound up some of the older ladies. The other ten women were ranged from fifty or so to three well over eighty. As a group we were able to tolerate each other but I was in the younger ones' camp and glad I was not alone.

The first meeting was to be the same week as we only had three weeks to edit and collate the works into a decent anthology carrying poetry and prose in a balanced way.Georgia and Claire met me at a pub where we would assess the collection. We had a couple of drinks and soon had the basis sorted. Claire had to be away to meet her boyfriend but Georgia was in no rush as her mum was minding her three year old daughter overnight. We sat and chatted and had a couple of drinks then she said she enjoyed my stories and wondered if I had any she could read. I said I loved writing and had quite an extensive body of stories but they might be a bit too risque for her liking. Her eyes widened and she said she was hoping for that as my descriptions always made her picture my style as being sexy. I looked at her and saw a look of curiosity in her smile. I said I would look a few stories out but she said she would love to have a look now. I opened my case and took out a large hard backed A4 book which contained my writing from several years. I hesitated over whether I should allow her to see something I had shown nobody else at all. I knew they were pornographic in detail and no holds were barred in an effort to produce cock straining descriptions of sex acts between man and woman.

She took the book and flicked quickly through the pages which were full with the exception of about ten unused pages, still clean and waiting for pen and ink. I asked that she kept the book safe and return it to me next time we met. She smiled and promised the writings would remain in her safe keeping until our next meeting three days later. We exchanged mobile numbers and left the pub. I walked home and partly hated myself for doing such a risky thing, she might show them around her friends or worse still, be offended and throw many hours of dedicated descriptions away and in a bin. I need not have worried, my phone went off as I went to bed, Georgia spoke in a husky voice saying she was very turned on by the descriptions and she was only on the third story. I sighed with relief and said I hoped she was not offended and she said that far from it she was turned on and had put the book down twice to bring herself off. She asked if there was any fact in them and I said that maybe varying amounts in all my stories but also the more way out ones had a little fantasy included to make it more erotic.

She said she was keeping the book under her pillow and was looking forward to seeing me next Monday when class was in again. She said we could meet up before then if I was free. I agreed and said was she free this weekend coming as I was not at work. She agreed and we made a date to meet at the pub again on the Saturday evening.

To be continued later today as part two.