Written by Samantha

6 Feb 2011

Oh well then best hurry up or I was going to be late for work. I'd started a new job a week ago as a carer for an elderly man. He wasn't ill but had injured his ankle and was laid up in bed for a few weeks. I was night shift and started at 8pm, so with a final look in the mirror to make sure the seams in my stockings were straight I set off. I really shouldn't have worn the 4" shiny black heels, but they made me feel so sexy, and if they took my mind off the 12 hour night shift ahead of me then good. Frank was a nice man, aged about 65 with a neatly trimmed moustache, he had been in the RAF and was a proper gentleman. He had been no bother the past week and I was looking forward to an uneventful shift.

When I arrived I popped my head into his room and said hi. Hello dear, I wonder if you could get me the box down from the cupboard above the bed. It was one of those old fashioned bedroom units, that had cupboards going above the bed. I stretched up to reach and felt my tight blue tunic ride up over the top of my thighs. Sorry Frank I'm going to have to stand on the bed to reach. As I lifted the box down I was aware of Frank staring intently at me, he must have got a good eyeful of my tight white panties stretched across my pussy. Immediately I felt a rush of blood to my clit, well well I thought maybe tonight isn't going to be so boring after all. After handing the box to Frank, who was looking a little flushed, I turned and bent down to pick up a few items of clothing which were lying on the bedroom floor. Keeping my legs straight I bent right over and made sure Frank got a good view of the wet patch which was now seeping through the crotch of my panties.

Going into the living room I sat on the sofa and spread my legs and rubbed my now throbbing clit, I was already oozing cream, and this was one itch which needed to be scratched soon. I heard Frank shouting me and went back through to his room. Could you put the box back in the cupboard for me he asked. I looked at him but he looked back innocently so I stood up on the bed again. I was about to close the cupboard door when I felt his hand at the top of my stockings, very gently he put one finger under the elastic and rubbed my thigh. You're so lovely dear, he said. Then I felt his thumb gently rub my swollen clit and I gasped with pleasure. He pulled me down slightly so that my pussy was inches from his mouth. I could feel his hot breath on my supersensative pulsating clit, god that felt so good. I felt his tongue running along the top of my thigh, between my stocking and panties it was so hot and the feeling of his moustache was amazing. Very gently I felt his tongue ease under the elastic of my panties and I wanted so much for him to put his hot tongue on my clit and lick and suck it. When he did I almost squirted on him, I felt him pull my panties to the side with one hand and the heat from his mouth made me gasp, then he inserted a finger in my now soaking pussy and began to fuck me with his hand whilst sucking and licking my clit. Do you like that dear he said. Like? My legs were trembling with the massive orgasm that was building up inside me. My hot sticky juices were starting to trickle down my thighs I started bucking incontrollably on his fingers while he kept on licking my clit. Oh fuck I gasped as my pussy convulsed on his fingers. Wave after wave of sheer pleasure pulsated through my pussy as I collapsed on top of him. Well now dear, he said did you enjoy that?