Written by Petros

12 Jun 2016

NIKITA 101 History 8 Mostly factual


Eva is a gorgeous voluptuous woman with big tits and huge nipples just made for sucking or hanging onto as you fuck her. Her now ex-husband is bi and liked three-sums with Eva and another man. Eva accepted it as it meant she got to fuck two cocks, but left the room when the two men fucked each other. She always insisted the two men squeezed, sucked, fingered, felt, licked and fucked her singly and together then she left them alone and went for a shower. They were in their early 50s and I thought they wouldn’t last too much longer together. She liked cock too much and he preferred cock to cunt.

I bumped into her in the supermarket one day and we had a coffee together. Out of the blue she complimented me on our shag at the party and she’d like to know how good I was as a fucker. I hadn’t started shopping and she said she could call back to shop later. So we went straight to her house and were in bed within 5 minutes. I did all the right things warming her up, even getting a little cum out of her. As she lay back and opened her legs I saw the smoothest neatest cunt lips ever. They looked like a young girls. I ran my cock up and down her slit, which became engorged and then opened like a flower. I pressed deeper with my cock and her cunt-hole opened up to let my cock slide in completely. She sighed with pleasure. She just whispered “slowly” so I gently shagged her. “Now fuck me hard and fast, you dirty bastard” she said through gritted teeth. My cock hardened even more and I shagged, fucked, screwed and banged her for more than an hour. I told her I was going to come soon and she insisted I stand over her and shoot my spunk all-over her body. I obeyed her commands and covered her. She then ran her fingers all over her body, spreading my spunk everywhere. I knelt down by her head so she could suck the last drop of spunk from my cock. She sighed once more and said she wanted to do that again and soon. I got up, showered quickly and left, leaving her spunk covered and naked on the bed. Later that day I met her and Bill in the local pub and she casually asked if I’d had a good day. I’m sure I must have blushed. Bill winked and said I should call round sometime as he was away a lot and Eva was often alone. I could bring N down and use the hot tub and pool. I smiled, made my excuses and left. I knew N had already had a lesbian 3 sum with Eva and Alice and had said that I ought to join them sometime. Work permitting. As I often worked from home and Eva only worked part-time we fucked quite regularly. I got the arrangements wrong one day and Eva and Alice both turned up at my house, so I had to fuck both of them. Oh dear, what a problem. LOL. Eva and Bill eventually split up because of his “gay” nature. They stayed friends. Eva soon met a nice man, who was “good, but not spectacular” in bed. They married and moved away from the area, because of his job. Eva and I had one last fuck before she moved away.