Written by Angela

21 Dec 2008

I wore my tightest skirt for work on Friday, because it was the last chance I’d have to get together with my lover until after the New Year. As usual, I was perfectly shaven and commando. As a special treat for myself and my lover I was braless too. The lack of bra was a little on the risky side because the shirt I was wearing was pretty tight and quite thin and my nipples were easily visible through the fabric. I would never have worn it for work without a bra on a normal day, but this day was going to be special and I needed the guarantee of three good hard cocks that night.

Without mentioning it to my lover, during the day I told two of the other lads that I was commando and described briefly to them and asked if they’d like to join us that evening. Needless to say, they both agreed.

As soon as I got to my lovers place I told him about the other two and, after a thoughtful moment or two he was as enthusiastic as I was. The other two arrived and we all went straight to the bedroom where I at once took my skirt off and undid the buttons of my shirt to expose my tits and the lads all got naked. I left my hold-ups and my high heeled shoes on because I like it that way. My lover laid on his back on the bed and I straddled him. To make sure there was easy access I applied a good amount of lubricant to my fanny and I eased myself down on to his hard meat. He slipped easily and wonderfully inside me and the coolness of the jelly as we moved together felt amazing. At this point, I leaned forward over him and gave one of the others the signal to get himself into my tight arse. He needed plenty of the lube but after a few uncomfortable minutes he eventually got his length in me. Although it was quite awkward, I managed to get the third lad’s dick in my mouth and I deep-throated him as the other two gently fucked me.

It’s difficult to describe the sensations I was experiencing and it took some time for me to reach orgasm, but it was a very different sort of feeling than anything I’d experienced before and although I can’t be sure, I think it was the dick up my arse that actually brought me off. We continued to move slowly against each other and eventually managed a sort of rhythm which I found very satisfactory. The lad on my back squeezed and rolled my braless tits in his hand as he slowly stroked in and out of me. My lover moved his hips and gave it to be very deep and very slow as I moved myself against both of them. All this time I played my teeth over the bell-end in my mouth and sucked hard on the rock-hard dick I had in my mouth.

The lad who was up my arse was the first to off load, and soon after I received a mouth full of cool, salty spunk. My lover was the last one to fill me and I managed one more shallow orgasm before they carefully withdrew from me.

A while after, the lad who I’d been sucking asked if he could fuck me. I agreed and he duly gave it to me good and hard as I lay on my back with my legs wrapped round him while my lover and his mate watched.

I’m beginning to wonder what will happen next because it’s only a week since the Christmas party!