Written by Sue

16 Aug 2009

I went out on Friday night with my husband and he’d talked me in to wearing my skirt without any knickers. Usually, this wouldn’t have been so much of a problem, because I’ve gone without knickers loads of times. The difference is that the skirt I was wearing on Friday, although it isn’t short, is very thin and tight and I thought it was a bit too obvious I didn’t have any knickers on. Anyway, he managed to convince me it was a good idea and off we went to meet the others.

As soon as we walked in to the pub, I saw a bloke I used to work with. He left for a better job and I hadn’t seen him for a couple of years. We exchanged pleasantries and off I went to join the people we’d originally come to see.

As the evening went on I kept catching him looking over and me and he kept catching me looking over at him. By 11.30, feeling slightly drunk and very brave, as I walk past him to go to the ladies, I gave his nice tight arse a light hearted squeeze. He looked and smiled broadly at me.

When I came out of the loo, there he was waiting for me. He asked me if I fancied going on somewhere else with him. I told him he must be mad because he must have seen I was with my husband. He dared me to go back in to the loo with him and have a bit of a snog. Although my mind was saying it was a ludicrous idea, my heart was game on for it and I found myself in a cubicle with my hands down this lads trousers. My lack of knickers gave him clear and instant access to my shaven fanny and soon he was fingering me. He kept telling me how he’d been trying to guess if I’d been wearing underwear because he said I had the best and sexiest arse in the bar. He was extremely impressed when he finally got the proof I was commando.

On Friday night, I wasn’t wearing a bra either and he had my shirt undone and was sucking my nipples at the same time as he was trying to finger me. I had managed to get his trousers undone and had his dick in my hand and was doing my best to pull him off. Bbut it was all extremely awkward. He tried unsuccessfully to fuck me. I was leaning against the cubicle wall with my skirt up round my waist and my left foot on the toilet seat. Although he got close to penetrating me, we were just that bit too drunk, the cubicle was too small and we just couldn’t keep quiet enough, so we were forced to abandon the idea.

By the time I got back to my husband, he was starting to wonder where I’d gone. I seemed to get away with it, but he had to point out to me that my shirt was almost completely undone. Luckily, my denim jacket had spared my blushes and I’m pretty sure that nobody noticed.

It was on my mind for the rest of the nigh that I had very nearly been shagging some bloke in the toilets of a pub while my husband was in the bar. Completely mad, but very exciting. I exchanged phone numbers with my ex colleague, and I’m feeling pretty certain I’ll be giving him a ring over the next few days.