Written by My Wife and I

14 Jun 2008

Dear Husband,

I was at the Phoenix bar having a drink or two with the girls whilst you were away at the beach. We were chatting away when I glanced across the room and saw a man standing on his own, as our eyes met he smiled at me, I blushed and quickly looked away and continued my conversation.

It was a quiet night so after a while I made my excuses and set off for home.

As I walked down the road I realised I could hear footsteps a little way behind me.

I turned at the entrance to the villa and stopped to open the door, I heard the footsteps stop and I turned to see who was there. It was the man from the bar, he was standing watching me. This time I smiled and to my utter surprise and without any thought I held out my hand. He came to me and I led him inside.

Standing in the bedroom I unfastened his shirt and lifted it off his shoulders and dropped it to the floor. I reached down to his waist and unfastened his trousers and started to lower them to the ground, as I stooped he gently pulled my face to him, my hands went to him and with my lips and hands I brought him to full impressive hardness. I could feel his power and strength but I realised that the real power lay in the gentleness of my hands and the softness of my mouth.

He lifted my head up and brought his mouth to mine. He searched my mouth for the heat of what had been there only moments before.

His hands expertly slipped the clothes from my body whilst I continued to fondle him. Still holding him I led him to the bed and lay back looking up at him. He lowered his mouth to my throat and kissed me, he moved lower still to my breasts and circled my nipples with his tongue. His tongue snaked lower still and I parted my thighs for him.

His mouth was hot on me, his tongue darting over every part of me. My hand went to his head and pulled his mouth hard to me. He sucked and tongued me until I started to shudder.

He lifted from me and knelt above me, he lowered his mouth to mine, and I could taste myself on his lips. He lowered himself to me I reached down and guided him inside me with my hand; he slid inside and started to thrust steadily and smoothly. I felt the heat spreading through my body and I raised my body to meet his.

The thrusts became more urgent and I felt his body begin to stiffen as his orgasm built up. My hands went to his buttocks and pulled him hard into me as he groaned and spilled all of himself inside me. My orgasm was close; he slowly slid out of me. His mouth went to my breasts again but without pausing moved straight down my body to the heat and wetness that he had been inside only moments before.

His mouth was busy again. , lips and tongue at every part of me tasting our mixed juices. My orgasm was closing in on me; I pulled his mouth tight to me again.

I came in a shuddering moment and cried out ‘Yes, Yes, Yes.’

I was awake! Woken by my own voice!

I looked around I was alone; it had all been a dream. My body felt on fire, my nipples erect and my fingers were at the heat and wetness of my body.

I thought back over the evening. What if I had returned that smile? Would I have written this to tell you? Would you be hard imagining the scene?

I Love You, XXX