3 Sep 2017

As I drove over to hers, I was just wondering how I got into this lucky forfiet. I remember losing a drunken pub bet, who knew heads or tails could so good- actually I think she shouted "You win" while the coin was still in the air. We'd been open good friends for a long time and quite unshockable in our flirty tirades but left it at that -just naughty banter. Anyway we had been teasing how each other was all talk and no action during another fun drink filled evening. At closing time She had pulled me close and whispered in my ear, "Let's what else you can do with that smart mouth of yours." Planted a little kiss on my cheek and walked off home with a sassy strut that made her sexy little bum wiggle, knowing I'd be watching her leave.

I didn't think anything more about our drunken pub talk until I got a text few days later from her. She reminded me how I had won the bet and did I want to claim my prize. Of course I'd replied. Nothing serious, so why not. OK then, my rules my game, she texted. Cool. It's called Not one word. First person to say a single word loses, the game stops and I have to leave (well she can't leave her own house can she, silly!). OK I agreed in reply. How hard could this be, every man likes a challenge especially when it's set by a pretty Lady.

What she wrote next almost made me drop the phone as I re read it over and over with an open mouth that soon turned to a wicked grin. I would drive over to hers, text that I was out side. She would unlock the door but I had to wait one whole minute before I entered, locking it behind me. I would then go into the lounge to find her naked from the bottom down, legs wide open. My task was to make her cum using just my mouth and fingers. Nothing else, just me doing a service, isn't life hard eh? She must be giving her own fingers and her sex toy batteries a rest I thought. Well I would be lying if I had never thought about her sexually as she had a great slim figure but with enough feminine curves to turn heads, pair that with her unshockable "one of the lads" personality she could easily have any bloke she wanted. So I felt quite chuffed to be used as tool for this task!

So with 1 hours notice I got ready shower shave, well you definitely don't want to give her stubble burn down there as it would be counter productive/distracting even and even worse, ending what should be a long enjoyable licking session just for laziness. So over kill for just giving oral but hey, habits and presentation probably got you in this position, pardon the pun.

So there I was parked up outside hers, excited as hell looking forward to doing something I love doing to a woman, no rush, taking my time allowing us both to purely enjoy. I texted her and got the best OK in my life! I waited one bloody eternal minute that seemed like ages before I calmly walked to her door as my heart raced 100mph ahead. I opened the door, the game was now on. I locked it behind me took off my shoes, old habit- leave the outside outside, walking into her lounge. There was my dream made real, ok not the hooded sweatshirt top but there she was as promised laid back otherwise naked and her legs wide open. No eye contact as she soon closed them as I knelt in front of her. I gently brushed my parted lips over top of her thighs and inner thighs then dry and wet kisses over and around the same areas before using my tongue to do the same heading for the obvious but why rush. I took notice of her reactions to each technique for later use as her breathing slowed. Finally, I breathed hot air on her pussy then taking a long upward lick as she gently groaned, arching her back. My hands had been squeezing her tight bum, so now I moved my left hand, using my thumb and forefinger to gently spread the skin around her clit, so I could better lick it now it was more exposed. With my other hand I slowly pushed in one finger into her wet pussy as she gently groaned. I moved my finger in and out slowly building up a steady rhythm then used two fingers at the same time as I licked her little hard clit. I was loving this and from her moans and heavy breathing, so was she. Now my party piece as taught to me by an old girlfriend, use the tip of my tongue to write the alphabet on her clit. First lower case then capitals! Well it was having the desired effect as she moaned more, breathing faster, grinding her pussy onto my tongue. Her hand on the back of my head, pushing as I fingered her faster and faster. It didn't take long as she suddenly began to buck with the convulsions and loud moans that told me she was coming. I carried on licking and fingering her even faster, deeper as she rode her orgasm, willing her to shout out a word at least but she didn't, boy she was good at this game! So I settled for the fantastic taste of her on my tongue with my head in her heavenly crutch as her orgasm subsided. She lay there, eyes still closed with a satisfied smile on her face and on mine too, as I got up left without a word.