Written by Shamen09

3 Nov 2010

Usually I'm not the out spoken type but last night had changed it all. She was 22, average build, confident and one of those types where butter wouldn't melt in her mouth, haha - so to speak... I was told by the others at work that she recently graduated on top of her class and with that body every bloke in the office was oogling at her near perfect bosom, cupable with a two pretruding nipples visible through her white blouse.

Anyway, the office is usually quiet on a friday afternoon, not many people in, but you would always find Nat shuffling papers, specs in one hand and a pencil in the other, sucking the rubber as if in deep thought. You could just about see the side of her breast when she left a few buttons undone, very nice indeed.

Four fifthteen and everyone apart myself and nat had gone from the office leaving me to lockup. I had quiet innocently asked if she wanted to go and have an early night but I only got a reply saying no as she needed to get the accounts ready for monday. Fair enough I thought and walked over to the canteen.

As I bent over to throw some rubbish in the bin and at that point, nothing could have braced me for what was about to happen... A hand brushed over my right cheek and the words 'I like them firm...' Blushing and quickly standing up, I was gobsmacked. Most men would only fantasise about her and to give in to my desire for lust became apparent. All I think and could do was place her hand on my crotch and mine up her mini skirt. She was ever so wet and her hands touching my growing appreciation ...

Perched on the sink I had a clear view of her moist labia, no lingerie but a visible neatly trimmed bush, waiting her long hair let loose, her breast falling out from her bra and her erect nipple waiting to be squeezed and flicked. Was this a wet dream? Stoking her thigh seemed to arouse her, releasing her sex stench, intoxicating the room. I knew what I wanted to do, lick her sides, up and down, forcing my tongue deeper inside, sucking and kissing her camel toe. Both her hands now guiding my head between her silky flesh... Stopping off occasionally further down between her holes.. I was in heaven.

At once she, pulled my head up asking for my mouth to caress her breast, letting go and undoing my belt at the same time followed on to my trousers. This girl was amazing ...

Both hands now guiding me in, I could feel a soft tight fleshy wall being rubbed and devouring my sex. We kissed, occasionally opening for air, two bodies joined as one..