Written by barty

2 Mar 2008

I am a 29 Polish bloke. My job is simple… I distribute water bottles to companies. I earn shit, but at least I get a chance to have a look at some of the best local office tits in the area. Last Tuesday I was asked to go to an office building close to the city centre to change a few water bottles. My mate Daniel (driver) and I went together. I am tall, rugby build, no fat, just muscles and a thick 8” in girth club. The little problem I have is that with such a thick dick I cannot fuck for a long time as most e before I even start to thrust properly.

Daniel was about 6 inches but longer around 7”. I knew this as once we jack hammered a nice girl in Amsterdam. I was wearing a white shirt with short sleeves and dark navy workmen wear trousers...it is not difficult to spot where the dick lies…anyway I went up and said that I would be back in 10 minutes. “Let me know if there is any fuckable lass up there,” Sure mate and I went up. I entered the office and placed the water bottles on the floor. At the desk was the biggest pair of tits I had seen! She was around 32, had a mini on, naked long legs, blondie; all I wanted to do was take out my dick and rail her there and then. As I was placing the bottle where it should be she stood up and stood between the desk and myself and picked something up from the floor…mini skirt and no pants…there were two options either to go out or... She asked me if I wanted to drink some water. “Yeah, sure I guess.” I sat on the desk, her hand landed on my leg straight away and started moving towards my dick…Fuck that was nice. My cock was up and running in no time. She unzipped me and my dick sprang out. Her lips were all over my head and she used her tongue to slap it. When her pussy was close to my hand I started to finger fuck her…Fuck! Nice pussy lips…hot, wet, my fingers were tightly squeezed…that’s what my cock needed…then I made her bend over the desk. She did and after that I inserted my dickhead…A lot of girls would have said go slowly at this stage, but she did not. I am not saying it was a Blackpool tunnel, but this girl loved fucking! I could say this by the way her pussy worked…The milking I was receiving is indescribable!

I grabbed her thighs from behind and moved in and out...up to the balls then out an in…in an out. I am not too gentle when it comes to fucking and fuck as hard as I can…pussies were designed to be fucked so I wasn’t really bothered about anything as long as the lass loved the fucking she received and this all looked to me that she did…I took out my mobile and gave Daniel a miss call…after 2 minutes he came up. No sooner had he entered the room than he took his club out. The girl was hotter than hot at this point. I gave him a sign with my head: she needs a good hard fucking mate. Daniel moved a bit closer to her face. When she saw his dick she was a bit surprised but started sucking it vigorously. Daniel fucked her like that for 1 minute than she sat on him so I could see fuck her from behind. Daniel’s balls were now a blur. I spat on my dick, took out the necessary evil and placed it on my club. 2 seconds later we had a nice twos-up… the lass loved it…this all took us around 10 minutes… after that she sat at her desk and we offloaded onto her tits…we went out…back at the base I showed the photos that I took with my mobile…

After two weeks she came to our base to request a few more bottles to be delivered. My mate Chris and Gary later told us that they were railing her after she ended up in the storage room! But this time she wanted to have a dick overdose. They suggested they could meet her up after work and bring more mates. There was 20 of us lads…the fucking was even harder…We had a chance to empty our balls twice each. We fucked her for about 5 hours…and she really loved it! Girls really love hard fucking!