Written by Harry_22

2 Feb 2009

Curvy and cute would have been bad enough, but what made it was it worse was what she insists on always wearing, white blouses and short skirts. An obviously cliché, but it works for me! The skirts are nearly always accented by knee length socks, but today I was completely blown away. She was old enough to be my mum and I loved the thought and sight of this beauty when I saw her nearly every day.

She strode from the staff room and headed to the car park exit. Her legs were clad in black shiny boots that clung close to her legs till they reached her knees then they opened slightly before they turned over at the top. She looked like a naughty teenager in panto. It was as if she walked past saying, ‘I want to get fucked very hard and before I get to my car.’ I thought that was just in my head until she dropped her keys near the door. She crooked her left knee slightly and then bent from the waste to pick them up. Her short skirt rode up enough to reveal the lowest part of her butt cheeks. I felt my cock stiffen immediately and I realised straight away that this was the worst day for this to happen, there I was in my swimming shorts and tee shirt – it was a hot summer day and I was going to veg after the cleaning, what was I meant to wear? Still bending over, she looked backwards and I nearly died as she looked right at me… and winked.

She curled her finger at me, beckoning me toward her and as I approached, she turned away from me and bent over once more. I stopped, unsure what to do. As I watched her cute arse before me, she leant on the table, her weight on one arm. She reached back with her spare hand and edged her skirt up over her bum. I gasped audibly at the site that revealed itself, not the sophisticated underwear that I thought would meet my eye, but just the bare crack of her arse. She ran her finger gently back down that lovely crack and then parted her legs, her hand whipped out of view and then it reappeared between her legs, and like a shot I have seen in porn a hundred times, she slid the tip down her pussy lips like she was unzipping her labia.

I swear I did not see one hair on that beautiful glistening patch of flesh and my cock throbbed like never before in my pants. Dying to pull it out and wank off I decided what the fuck and slid down my shorts. 7 inches of virgin cock sprung straight up. I took my hard shaft in hand and she quickly swung her head round with a horny grin on her face to watch my thrashing begin.

Oh my, she said and she turned around and moved towards me. Like it was y last chance ever to wank, I did not stop and as she knelt down in front of me she pointed from my cock tip and made a circle around her face, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. I wanked even harder and looked down to see her open her mouth and shut her eyes.

Seconds later, my seed was flying from my cock and splatting on her face, an image I will always hold is a squirt of my come shooting out and landing in her mouth and outstretched tongue.

I was spent and heavy breathing like a smoker running a marathon. She stood and breathed words at me, ‘hmmm thank you, that was beautiful!’ she clasped my face in her hands and said, ‘take this, I know you will like it’ she kissed me on the lips and with her tongue pushed my come into my mouth. She stepped back and adjusted her skirt, ‘mmmm’, she said, ‘I can’t wait for you to taste some more.’

And the she left and I watched her walk away, clearly mopping from her face to her mouth with her fingers as the swing doors shut behind her.