Written by cuck jim

20 Nov 2012

Hello we are Jim & Mandy a early 50's cpl. I'm 5"11 med build 5.5 in cock shrinking due to heart condition medication. Mandy is 5"6 38dd 30 40 blonde hi lighted bob cut hair natural dark bush always dresses smartly to her size and age.

I have always been into cuckold porn but having mentioned it to Mandy early in our 24yr

marriage and been told it will never happen i have been condemned to fantasising about it and looking at porn. Last year we joined the empty nest club and with my erectile problems I brought the subject up again, it wasn't dismissed out of hand and I even got mandy to look at some cuckold porn stories and vids she was a bit supprised the husbands usually got humiliated and she couldn't do that to me but she would like to have sex with penis that was big and didn't go soft while fucking.

The following Friday she went to her best friend and colleague diane's for a drink, at 10:30 i got a call from her telling me to be in bed naked her taxi would be here soon she was very giggly and i could hear Diane laughing in the background. she was home in 15 mins came straight up to the bedroom stripped naked she stood at the bottom of the bed looking in the mirror put her hands behind her head pulled her elbows right back sticking her big tits out she looked at me in the mirror then moved her right hand to the front ran it over her tits down her belly to her bush, she gripped her bush pulling it up forcing her lips to be more visable and spread so i could see her pink wet looking slit.

She got into bed giggling she grabbed my cock, she started to wank it very hard while telling me "she had told Diane about my fantasies they had a good giggle at work but obviously couldn't look at porn at work so they had been looking at the site's i had shown her this evening telling Diane about my lack of performance. Diane told her her hubby was a bit better endowed but if he told her she could fuck around she would bite his arm off. She then erred on the side of caution telling Mandy to make sure it is what I wanted so Mandy was now testing me. God I was ready to shoot, Mandy rolled onto her back "come on stud mount up" I got on slipped right in but in minuits i was pumping my seed into her, she held me ontop of her "enjoy that" "yes" I replied "do you think I did"

oh fuck i thought "well i'm a woman with needs satisfy me" I asked if I should get her rabbit, "no your tongue will do remember those stories", she relaxed her grip with her thighs and her hands came up my back one behind my neck the other on top of my head pushing me down between her big tits over her belly to her bush I tried to baulk as she pushed my face between her thighs, "for godsake it came out of you what will do when its some-one elses". Swallowing the lump in my throat i pressed my lips to her labia "now your tongue give it a big sloppy french kiss", as i got used to the taste she started to hump her pusst at my face her thighs clenched around my head her juices were flowing.

When I got got back up the bed she kissed me hard then had a worried look on her face, she picked up her phone, dialed then "oh fuck he did it" there was shriek then lots of laughter , Diane I assumed as i ould hear her husband mike asking what was up

Diane was heard saying "I just won a bet"