Written by cuck jim

18 Dec 2012

Over The week end Mandy went shopping with Diane, when she came home she said "Diane had made her buy a skirt that was way too short and a blouse that was too tight, for work apparently". I asked if she would model them for me?,she went upstairs when she came down she was blushing crimson. For someone used to wanking everyday this was excruciating, my cock had been caged for 3 days and was throbbing. My wife stood there from floor up black heels & stockings, white plump thighs with scarlet suspender straps, then the gusset of her scarlet thong pubes sticking out the side then the shortest flared skirt I've ever seen, on top she had a white blouse gaping across her tits I could see the tiny scarlet plunge bra through the material and a lot of creamy tit through the gap.

Mandy said "I look like a fucking prostitute", so I asked "when are u supposed to wear it?" her reply was "I don't know we'll ask Diane tomorrow we're doing lunch". We met Diane and Mike at a local pub for Sunday lunch, we were all dressed normally and chatted about normal stuff apart from when we first met Diane squeezed my cage and laughed A Mike said to Mandy "I almost didn't recognize you with your clothes on", causing Mandy to blush.

We went to a quiet pub afterwards where we asked Diane "when she expected Mandy to wear the clothes", Diane replied "oh that's a punishment/embarrassment uniform to keep her on her toes".

Tuesday I dropped Mandy at the ferry then went home trying not to think of what was happening or sex as this bloody cage was agony. When she returned I took her home she took off her coat and skirt told me to "strip", she sat in my armchair hooked her legs over the arms and said "there you go sticky fanny pudding". I lapped away at her spunky hairy cunt. Her phone went, it was Diane, Mandy held the phone to my ear and Diane said "enjoying that" I replied "yes" Diane "good tell Mandy shes wearing the blouse tomorrow with her white plunge bra". when i told her she just blushed.

Wednesday afternoon i got a text from Diane "she didn't tell u did she" i replied "what" next i got a picture text it was a picture of Mandy at her desk looking at Diane to her left her proud chest stuck out blouse gaping I zoomed in on her chest and where i should have seen a large expanse of creamy tit flesh there was a huge love bite on the inside of her right tit. Diane text "i asked Bob to do it, shes been very inventive hiding it at work, have fun tomorrow".

Thursday went very much the same as last week when I was restrained the cage was removed then the bollock lead and blindfold were put on and I stood and listened to their first fuck. When I had cleaned them both up I was stood back against the wall.

Bob then asked "do you want to fuck your wife Jim?" my cock leapt throbbing and dripping pre cum "oh fuck yes" 7 days of agony, i couldn't wait. Bob said "do you think you can satisfy her?". "Oh fuck no please I'm desperate" they just laughed. I sensed movement

then i felt Mandy's big buns pressing back to my aching penis, it slipped between her buttocks she then told me to "rub myself against her buttocks and be quick as she had a man to please". They laughed as Bob took pics of me rubbing myself off against my wife's arse. When I came up her back i was forced to kneel and "clean up my mess". They told me it was more than I deserved. I was then put back in my cage and had to listen to them fuck again. When they finished Mandy came over and kissed me forcing her tongue into my mouth her face wet with spunk she forced Bobs cum into my mouth then said " I love you thank you for letting me play the whore and Bob knows how to bring out he whore in me". I was really happy she was happy but a bit pissed 24 yrs of marriage she never sucked my cock and definitely never let me cum in her mouth BITCH.