Written by cuck jim

9 Jan 2013

I went home from Diane's with the promise I would only lick and rub Mandy, no insertions till Diane could get her playing again. When I got in Mandy had bagged all the sexy underwear and told me to get rid of it, she also showed me the king dong dildo in bits in the bin (she'd taken the kitchen chopper to it). I consoled her he rest of the week , she wasn't upset about the extramarital sex with my permission it was being used by a cheating married man.

Diane and I worked on her telling her he was an idiot and up to the point she found out he was married she'd loved it, Diane also mentioned at work she was getting frumpy in her dress sense. A Saturday 3 weeks later I was summons to Mike & Diane's while Mandy was shopping. They explained we were to make a video to help convince Mandy to play again.

The following Friday we all went to the pub it was a warm summers evening the men wearing shorts and t-shirts the girls in summer dresses, we stayed reasonably sober but plied Mandy with lots of wine leaving the pub at midnight we were walking to theirs Mike held me back and I watched as Diane put her arm around Mandy's back and rubbed her arse then stepped in front of her looking over her shoulder at us and lifted her her dress over her arse saying "Mandy what he fuck are these?". Mike and I were staring at Mandy's big arse in cotton granny pants. We all laughed at her causing her great embarrassment. We kept taking the mickey until we got inside, more drinks were poured we chatted for a while then we danced with each others wives at the end of the song we parted but Mike held Mandy's hand as she walked towards the sofa stepped behind her and grabbed her other arm, Diane stepped in front of her and undid her buttons then slid the dress off her her shoulders down to her wrists where Mike was holding her she then went and got some cuffs, put them on her then Mike took her dress and sat down.

Diane "now is Mandy randy" Mandy pleaded "please don't Diane", but she was having none of it, "time for a little honesty, 4 weeks with no cock you must be gagging for it" with that she pulled out the front of her granny pants and pushed her hand in right down to the gusset then pulled it out showing us her wet fingers. Diane "I think somebody wants a good fucking, you realize your husband doesn't want to don't you." Mandy "no!"

Diane "well you come and stand by my chair while we watch a little video". Diane had her stand legs apart watching the t.v with her hand up the leg of her knickers.

Mike pressed play on the p.c and the t.v came to life here I was kneeling in their living room naked Diane in a dress to my left holding a small key, Mike to my right in a pair of shorts. D "well Jim whats his in my hand" me "its the key to my cage.

D "why does she think we can't get it off" me "because I like being denied and loved it when Mandy fucked other men." D "so you want her to keep playing" me "yes" D "would u like my Mike to fuck Mandy" me "oh yes" D "lets show her then, pull Mikes shorts down."

Mike stood there naked semi hard. D "so just so were all clear you want mike to spunk in Mandy's muffin so you can eat it." me "yes". I was instructed to get him hard,Diane went to the kitchen, she came back with a small bun and put it on the table pressed her thumb in the top.

D "we'll pretend this is Mandy's muffin, you will have to extract Mikes spunk, well get him to the point of spunking as u lot can't even piss straight I better do the aiming we all watch the screen as I sucked mike to the point of orgasm I looked over at Mandy and could tell Diane was keeping her close to orgasm. When he was ready Diane squeezed the spunk out of him rather than wanking it filling the depression in the muffin. I was then pulled in front of it my cage removed 3 weeks i was instantly stiff and Diane using the nail of her index finger scraping the underside of my willie whilst holding the plate by my helmet had me spunking over the bun in seconds. Still trembling from the orgasm she offered the plate to my mouth which i duly cleaned.

D "so that's what he wants and by the feel of your cunt you like the idea too, but what do I get you get some man size cock Jim gets to watch and clean Mike gets extra pussy all I get is the odd lapping". Mandy "what do you want?" D "I want you dressing sexy again all the time,I want all these granny pants and bras in the bin." she pushed Mandy over to Mike who was holding a pair of scissors. Diane made her ask Mike to cut off the offending underwear so she couldn't wear it again. D "the other thing I've noticed is u like to be made to show off." on the screen pics started to stream all Mandy exposed in public Ann Summers dressing room tits and fanny showing Primark in lurid undies work with her love bitten tit showing. D "if you want to be our slut Mandy you must ask Mike to fuck you and I will give you a punishment day once a month which will involve making you show off."

Mandy stood in front of Mike and asked him to fuck her Diane sent me to clean up the glasses and kitchen naked then took off the cuffs. When i came back in the living room Mandy was on her back on the coffee table Mike was fucking the living daylights out of her Diane was by her head whispering in her ear Mandy was trembling her face scarlet, Mike started grunting as he emptied his balls into Mandy's cunt. He stood up pulled me to the hall and made me kneel by the front door thrust his cock in my face and made me clean it,as I finished Diane brought Mandy out still naked and whispering in her ear. They opened the door and pushed us out handing Mandy our keys, they told us to "have fun"

There we were naked in the street 02:30 200 yds from home or so i thought, the quickest way home would be left 70 yds right 50 yds right 80 yds to our door as I stepped on to the pavement and moved left Mandy grabbed my arm and pulled me to the right. to go this way would be nearly a mile and here were shops on the main road at the end at least 100 yds exposed on a main rd. she squeezed my hand and pulled me down the road as we neared the end of the road we heard a car we crouched behind parked cars as a taxi went down the main road. We then crept to the end of the road looking and listening,

silence we went round the corner in front of the shops Mandy pulled me away from the shops to the bus shelter at the side of the road, she sat on he rolling seat thing put her right leg along the rest of the seats her left foot on the floor, pushing me to my knees whispering "clean up time". As i lapped at her she quivered, constantly looking round listening then a car in the distance, oh shit no time to get to off the street we nipped behind the advertising board on the end of the bus stop WHOOSH, how lucky a taxi doing 50 in a 30 zone never slowed, as it disappeared we ran to our street shaking. 02:50 creeping past your neighbors houses naked, talk about bricking it. Then we were in Mandy threw me to the floor sat straight on my face I thought I was drowning she just kept coming and coming, eventually falling forward shoulders tits and knees on the floor, her big arse in the air she was giggling and panting all at the same time. I slid out from under her looking at her thinking how gorgeous she is I kissed her big arse, she grabbed my hair and forced me to her crack telling me to "kiss it properly".

Mandy "how did we not get caught I'm tingling all over." " we've got to go back tomorrow for a b.b.q she wants to burn all my granny underwear where her neighbors can see so you better get the sexy stuff back from where you hid it.