Written by Brian_adams

7 Jan 2009

I ohad been talking to Frank who lives next door.he is 70 and a widower we were discussing my wife Pauline she is 30 5\'5 36c with long dark hair I told him that I wanted to see her fucked by another man but she wouldn\'t agree.

I canhelp he said I canhypnotise her We agreed that he would come round the following day and see if he could do it

Next day he came round Pauline was in the kitchen and he wen and staredt in After 5 minutes he came out She is under he said Just follow her and then he left and went home

About 5 mins later she came out ofthe kitchen and went into the bedroom after a couple of mins she came out naked except forblack holdupsand highheels she had a blank look onher face.

She covered herself with a coat and went out and walked up to Franks door

she pushed the door open and went in dropping her coat onthe floor I followed as she entered the lounge

Frank was there with 5 other men about his age Frank walked up toher and droped his trousers \"Kneelhe said and she got on her knees with his cock level to er mouth Suck it he said Pauline then commenced sucking his cockand he came in hermouth

The other men gathered around her and Frank ordered her to suck themall off

She sucked them till all of them came in her mouth sheswalowed all their cum

Frank told her to lie onher back and open her legs He got

between herlegs and started to fuck her as he did the others gathered around them one pushed his cock in her mouth

Frank grunted and came in her cunt He got up andwas followed on by another old man who then fucked her till he came All the men took turns to fuck her and fill her

Frank got back on her and commenced to fuck her again

He said \" When Icount to 3 you will awake and cum you will then want to be fucked by any naked manyou see in future and become a cockslut

Frank then started to cum andas he did he counted to 3

Pauline awoke and instanly orgasmed with Frank

The rest of theday was taken up by her being fucked by Frank and his friends

Since then Frank has come round to ourhouse and stripped off

before going into thekitchen to see pauline within minutes he is up her fucking the life out f her He has other plans for her he tells me