Written by brian_adams

8 Jan 2009

A few days later Frank came round \" you stil want to see her with other men he said Yes I told him

he sat down and Pauline came into the room Frank looked her in the eyes and dangled a gold pocket watch on a chain infront of her and put her into a trance

He said Pauline you will act normally and remember nothing at 7pm you will dress in your holdups and high heels and cover yourself with a coat only fastening one button I will come back for you

Frank told me to be ready to go out at 7pm

at 7pm Pauline dressed as she had been instructed and Frank arrived he said follow me and all three went out to his car.

we got in the car and drove off Frank drove to the other side of town where the industrial estate starts. It is known where he whores hang about

Frank parked the car \\he told Pauline to get out and stand across the road under a streetlight. You are to tell anyone who asks that you are doing business the price is £30 you will allow any man to use you as he wants

She waiked accross the road and stood under the light

About 10 minutes a car pulled up \\the driver spoke to her and she leaned forward towards the driver I saw him reach out and looseb her coatbutton. Her coat fell open and the man reached out and felt her tits he then felt her cunt

She then got in the car and he drove behinda factory unit

We crept round and watched They got out of the car and he leaned her on the bonnet of his car.slipping her coat off.

He dropped his trousers and slipped his cock into her ahe fucked her for about 5mins before I heard him come inside her

He then threw her coat at her got in the car and drove off

Frank called Pauline and she came to us I saw that FRank had hold of a video camera. Have you filmed it I asked Yes he said we\'ll view it at home

WE went back home Frank took Pauline out of her trance and switched the video on. Pauline was gobsmacked Whats going on

What Have I done

Frank said I saw you down the estate with blokes You have been whoring for the lasttwo weeks She started to cry asking me to forgive her

I told her that I always wanted to see her with other men and now she would fuck anyman I told her to fuck

I now have her fuckmen at least 4 times a week She works the street evey Friday night and goes round Franks house on Saturday nights to be used by him and his friends She is getting used to this and now enjoys it