Written by Anon

11 Feb 2009

You nuzzled deeper into your pillow, trying to ignore my voice in your ear but the light smile on your lips tells me you don’t want to escape my words totally.

I wrap the sheets tighter around our bodies. Your skin feels so soft beneath the sheets. My hand travels down the length of you. You stretch cat like beneath my touch, languishing in the feel of the sheets and the warmth of my skin crossing yours. I love the feel of your body beneath my hand. The curves of you excite me, comfort me. I nuzzle into your neck as my hand strokes your thighs. You open you legs in response to me. That’s so sexy – did you know that? Do you know what that does to me? To see you, to feel you open your legs wide and invite me in? It overwhelms me. You’re so beautiful; So strong and talented. You could be with anyone and here you are, in my bed, opening yourself up to me, offering yourself up to me.

I run my hand over your pussy, just hovering slightly, moving the hairs on your body gently. Your still and I know your waiting,wondering, anticipating the first touch. Am I going to push a finger gently through your lips to stroke across your clit? Or am I going to tap it gently? Waking it with soothing circles? Which are you in the mood for I wonder. You’ve taught me how important the first touch is. I want to be a good fuck for you. Sometimes you excite me so much it takes every ounce of restraint to not take you roughly, to show you the need you’ve created in me. But not today. No today is softness and languishing touches, caresses and light kisses.

My finger slips in side your lips and you legs open wider. I rub little circles around your clit and dip my finger down into you. I close my eyes and lay my head beside yours, lost in the silkiness of your pussy wrapping around my finger. I move my hand slowly, in a circular motion, my finger slipping in and out of you, my palm rubbing against your clit. Your body starts to respond, pushing gently against me, the slightest movement but I feel it and it makes me smile. A small sigh escapes your lips. My finger is getting very wet and I can feel your pussy start to clench and grip it.I part your lips and feel your clit between my fingers.

“There’s my girl” I whisper in your ear.

“My girl has such a pretty pussy” I say ‘So warm and silky.”

You’re back arches a little and you raise your pussy against my hand responding to the tone of my voice. You still haven’t opened your eyes yet, preferring to lose yourself to the feelings I’m creating. But I know what they’d look like if you did. You have the bluest eyes. And when your excited, they fill with a silvery gray colour, the intensity of your need shining through. My little circles have gotten you quite wet, your breath is coming faster and you shift yourself slightly to open your legs even wider for me, pushing your clit out, opening your lips. My finger is just below your clit, just on the underside of it and I rub you

gently there. I can feel her throbbing. I start circling your clit from top to bottom, alternating between up and down and around her. She’s so swollen! But not yet ready to burst….

Our breath is much faster now, your hands have reached out to touch me and your hold on my cock is solid. I lean over and bite your bottom lip and I know the need for release is growing fast now.

‘Just circles’ you whisper, still not opening your eyes.

I like that. I like hearing my slut tell me how to please her. The sensuality of your voice filled with an ache, telling me what you need starts a hunger in me. My member starts to throb in your small hand. I kiss your neck and behind your ear as I perform your request. Your back is slightly arched, hips almost lifting off the bed, pussy reaching upwards towards my hand. I know your close now. Faster I move and faster, listening to you’re breath, watching your face. You’re so close now. It’s beautiful to see.

“Cum for me” I whisper just as desperate to see you cum as you are to feel it.

“Cum for me, do it now”

Yes! – oh yes~ I can feel your peak coming on. You raise your hips higher, straining to reach that peak, straining.Yes! There! Your breath catches – There! For just a moment the crest of your orgasm is upon you. Your face softens with sheer joy and everything stops. For one delicious moment the wave of pleasure reaches it’s highest point before it comes crashing down upon you, your body riding the wave back down towards the bed and up again. It is as a living thing inside you, tensing muscle and releasing, a flood of warmth covers my hand and your close your legs tightly against it, curling yourself to me to my body shuddering.

The whole experience was quiet, hardly any words have passed and yet I feel closer to you now than anyone. I wrap my arms around you and draw you close to my beating heart. I’m so grateful that you’re mine