Written by Wolvesduo

9 Dec 2007

I set the massage table up in the front room closed the curtains and put on a music channel to relax to. Jools had just been in the shower and her freshly shaved pussy looked wet already

We waited for the door bell to ring both of us had butterflies but we both wanted the fun to begin

The door bell rang and in walked Kev, after a few bits of nervous conversation jools took her bath robe off and let it fall to the floor, i could see Kevs eyes all over her body i couldnt help but notice her nipples that looked harder than i had ever seen them

We started to massage her back,and i could tell she loved the feeling of 4 hands over her body. Remember boys its only a massage tonight, yea i know Kev said just relax

Kev started to rub her calves and backs of her knees while i stayed on her back, he began to rub a little higher to her inner thighs, a small breathy moan told me she was loving this and a little wiggle to open her legs more also was as ure sign

Kev looked at me and i just smiled her nodded his head as if to call me to look,her pussy was dripping and a small pol had collected on the massage couch, he brushed a finger very carefully over her pussy as if by accident as he rubbed her thigh "Cheeky" was all she said so after another few rubs he rubbed her pussy for a little longer this time no reply, I started to rub her arse cheeks and pulling them open so i could see the action Kev had two fingers in her pussy and it was making sloppy noises, the contrast between his thick black fingers and her shaved tight white pussy got my cock rock hard, kev wasted no time and pulled his shorts down to reveal a very thick cock, i know jools has a thing for girth so i knew she would love this

He slid her down the table and pushed his cock into her with one powerful thrust her let out another moan but it was pleasure her eyes gave the game away she was in heaven and in no time she was biting her lip and swearing at Kev

I sat down and started to wank i didnt want to miss any of the action, he picked up the pace and made jools tell him that he owned her pussy now as his cock was the best she had ever had,to my suprise she did and begged him to keep fucking her like he was

She must have cum three or four times and his cock was covered in her cum, he told her he was coming and he wanted to cum deep in her, she just said cum where you want im all yours with this he pumped a huge load into her and the lay in each others arms

Kev went to the loo and i had a huge smile on my face, wow i said you are awsome no she said Kev is awsome he is the best fuck ive ever had, i mentioned that i thought it was just a massage and she said yea right not when i saw the cock bulge in those tracsuit bottoms hunny i HAD to have that thick cock