Written by HornyAlex56

15 Oct 2013

The wedding party is still in full swing when I notice you slipping out of the hotel ballroom. I had first noticed you earlier in the night, in your low cut dress, and your high heels that accentuated your delightful legs. You seemed to have an almost furtive look on your face as you closed the door behind you. My curiosity aroused, I set off to see where and what you were up to.

As I got through the door, I was just in time to see you disappear into the now abandoned cloakroom. I hung around for a few minutes, hoping you weren’t going to leave before I’d had chance to talk to you. Five minutes passed, and there was no sign of you, so I moved towards the cloakroom. As I eased the door open as quietly as I could, I could hear a soft moaning. Separating the coats, I came across you sitting on the floor, your dress shucked up above your waist, and three fingers furiously moving in and out of your wet pussy.

Being the gentleman that I was, I quietly asked whether I could be of any assistance. There was an almost pleading look in your eyes as you separated your legs even further. I smiled, and then held out my hand. You grabbed hold, your fingers wet from your pussy juices. I led you to the back of the cloakroom, and bent you over the set of drawers that had been stored there.

I unzipped my trousers, my cock releasing out like a coiled spring. I lifted your dress up exposing your firm ass and pressed my hard cock against you. You let out a soft moan at the touch, and pushed your ass hard against my cock. My hands start to wander; one cups your breast, the other slides down between your legs. You let out a soft moan, pushing back even harder against my cock, and you hand reaches round to squeeze my ass. Your hand then guides my cock to your ass, encouraging me to enter. But first I slide my cock against your wet pussy, making sure it’s covered in your warm juices, and then I return to your ass. My cock starts to push and I hear you take a sharp intake of breath as the tip first enters you. We slowly start a rhythm, my cock going deeper each time we came together. My cock felt so hard, and I was trembling all over, I’d never taken a woman in the ass before. It was a completely different experience for me, but one that I was sure I was going to have again. Finally my cock was all the way inside your ass, with one hand massaging your breasts and squeezing you rock hard nipples, the other my fingers deep inside your pussy you were completely filled. You were starting to shake with each thrust of my cock; I could feel your orgasm building. The pressure on my cock was enormous as your muscles contracted of their own volition. You finally came, you wet juices dripping down my fingers, it was too much for me I could hold on no longer and shot my hot load deep inside your ass.

We both collapsed in a heap on the floor, panting, spent. Then you looked at me with your beautiful cum to bed eyes, and just handed me a room key. No. 244. Oh, it was going to be a night I would never forget.