Written by 3SS

6 May 2013

Introduction: We are a very happy couple who are just beginning to explore our kinky side. Here is the first of hopefully many stories of our fantasies. Any comments are welcome.

I stare at the bowl, my eyebrow raised slightly.

“What’s in there?” I ask you curiously.

You come and sit next to me, your hand resting on my leg stroking it gently. “The pink ones are for you; the blue ones are for me”.

Slowly, I pull out a pink slip of paper out of the bowl. I open the paper and read the words written in your handwriting.

Kiss me on the neck

“What say baby?” you whisper into my ear.

“It says to kiss you on the neck” I answer, turning my head to look at you.

“Well baby, I guess you had better do it” you tease me as you tilt your head, exposing your neck to me.

I lean in, noting you biting your lip as I kiss you on your neck. I kiss you more, hearing your gasp but you then push me away.

“No, no, no baby.” You say shaking your head in mock sadness. “It said to kiss me once on the neck, and you kissed me more than once. You have to follow the instructions, no deviations.” You bite your lip again, clearly enjoying yourself.

You reach into the bowl and pull out a blue slip of paper. You read it without showing me what it says and your smile grows.

“Oh baby, this is a very naughty one.” You stand up off the couch and then kneel in front of me. You start to rub me through my pants, making me moan softly. You feel me start to grow harder to your touch. You then undo my pants, pulling them off me leaving me naked from the waist down. You wrap your hand around me, moving it up and down, never taking your eyes off mine as you play with me.

“Look at the paper baby” you whisper.

I reach for the paper on the couch and open it.

Suck my dick until I cum in your mouth, swallowing it all

Just before I finish reading the paper, you take me into your mouth, making me gasp in surprise. You move your head up and down me, using your tongue to play with the head. Your hand pulls my foreskin back, allowing you to suck really hard on my head which makes me moan loudly in pleasure.

You move your head up and down me again, taking me deep into your mouth. I feel your tongue wrap around me as you move up and down faster, sucking hard on me while your hand gently plays with my balls.

“I’m going to cum baby” I moan, losing myself to you.

You moan in acknowledgement sending me over the edge, I push my hips up as I cum hard into your mouth. I cry out in ecstasy as I twitch in your mouth multiple times, each twitch shooting my hot creamy cum into your mouth as you swallow all of it. You gently suck the tip, making sure you get it all. You notice a little running down my shaft which you slowly lick up, your eyes never leaving mine.

“Your turn” you say as you sit down next to me, biting your lower lip playfully.

I reach into the bowl and pull out another slip of pink paper.

Fuck my ass with a toy. You may NOT touch my pussy AT ALL

I fold the paper over and look at you. Your eyes are filled with curiosity, biting your lower lip in anticipation.

Taking your hand, I pull you up and whisper into your ear “bend over the couch”.

Your eyes widen, matching your smile as you get on your knees and bend over the front of the couch. I tell you not to move as I go into our bedroom and pull out a few things we will need. I return to find you where I left you, looking over your shoulder at me. My hands remain behind my back, instructing you to face forward.

Putting the items down, I kneel behind you. I slowly start pulling down your pants and underwear, exposing your pussy and ass to me. I bite my lip automatically as I resist the urge to start licking your pussy which has already started to get wet without any help from me.

I place my hands on your ass, squeezing you gently. You moan out softly, enjoying my touch. I reach down towards one of my items; a tube of lubricant. I hover the tube above your tight asshole, squeezing some out so that it falls directly onto your asshole, making you gasp at the feeling. Squeezing some more onto the other item; a thin dildo, I rub the lubricant into it, getting it very very slippery.

I hear you breathing heavily in anticipation as I slowly start to push the tip of the dildo into your tight ass. You cry out as you feel it moving into you deeper and deeper.

“You ok my love?” I ask as I start to move the dildo in and out of you.

“Mhm” is all you are able to muster as you lay there with your ass in the air at my mercy.

I start to move the dildo in and out of your ass faster now, getting more daring as you move yourself against it. I push it inside you deeper, making you moan loudly as I fuck your ass with it.

“I’m cumming!” you cry out as you push yourself against the dildo hard, your face buried into the couch. My eyes watch you, hungry with lust as I stare at your glisteningly wet pussy, almost dripping with juices.

I slowly pull the dildo out of your tight ass, wrapping it in a towel and setting it aside. You pull your panties up, leaving your pants on the floor. You pull me onto the couch next to you and pull out a blue slip of paper, taking your turn.

You open the paper, a wide smile spreading onto your face as you fold the paper over, not letting me see.

“Lay back on the couch baby” you say as you head into the bedroom. I do as I am told, wondering what the paper said when you come back almost immediately carrying a blindfold.

“Who is that for?” I ask in mock curiosity.

“For you baby” you whisper. I lift my head allowing you to wrap the blindfold around my head, taking away my sight, leaving me at your mercy. I lay there, waiting, straining to hear what you are doing. I can tell you have taken some clothes off as I hear them fall to the floor. My mind races with possibilities as I then feel you take me in your hand and start to stroke me. My cock was already wet from the precum that was practically dripping out of me while I fucked your ass with the toy. You get some precum on your hand and rub it down my cock, making it so slick.

I then feel you climb on top of me, straddling me with your wet pussy pressing against my stiff dick.

“Would you like to know what your paper said baby?” You ask me ever so sweetly.

“Yes” I breathe.

“Blindfold me and fuck me until I cum inside you” you whisper.

I moan as you reach down and guide my inside your tight wet pussy. It overwhelms me as I feel how hot and tight you are as you slide down my shaft. I feels so good as you start to ride me, my hands reach out to feel for your breasts but you immediately grab them and pin them above my head.

“No, no baby!” you scold. “This isn’t what the paper said. It said for ME to fuck you and that is what I am going to do”.

Pinning my arms, you move harder, faster, rocking your hips as you send waves of pleasure through me as I lay there under you, unable to see, unable (and unwilling) to take control.

You move your pussy up and down me, not quite so gently either which has me biting my lip in pleasure. My breathing is getting heavier as you fuck me harder and faster.

“You going to cum for me baby?” You moan.

“Yes baby” I cry out, enjoying you being in control.

“Guess what?” I can hear the impishness in your voice.

“What” I ask in ragged breath.

“There was more written on the paper” You giggle.

“What else did it say?” I ask, taken aback at this new revelation.

“Blindfold me and fuck me until I cum inside you, then climb onto my face and make me eat your banana cream pie” you say as you slam hard onto me, squeezing my hard cock with your pussy.

My mind almost explodes with this new information which is nothing compared to how much my stiff cock explodes so much hot sticky cum into you. You cry out in pleasure as you feel me twitch inside you, shooting my spunk inside your hot wet pussy.

Gently easing yourself off my cock, you immediately climb onto my unsuspecting face, taking me by surprise as my lips are pressed against your hot wet and cum filled pussy.

“Eat it baby” you command. Pressing harder against me, it’s so intoxicating to the taste. It’s so hot and god the smell of your pussy drives me wild as I obey your command and start to lick your pussy. Unable to see, I instead focus on how good you taste. I can tell when my tongue finds my own spunk but it doesn’t deter me at all. Instead it spurs me on further to delve deeper inside you with my tongue, wanting to do a good job.

You gently rock against my face, moaning as you feel my probing tongue explores as much of your pussy as I can reach. You start to grind your pussy against me, biting your lower lip as you feel yourself start to cum. I feel you begin to shake and I clamp my mouth over your pussy and suck, hard!

You completely lose it and without warning, you squirt right into my mouth. It takes me by surprise but I don’t let go. I suck harder, wanting your juices, needing to drink you up. My tongue goes crazy inside you, licking the walls of your pussy in a circle enjoying your taste so badly.

You then climb off my face, pulling my blindfold off and kissing me deeply and passionately.

“Oh baby” you whisper. “I love it when you lick my pussy”.

“I love doing it baby” I answer between kisses.

We lay on the couch in each others arms, kissing lovingly for a time. Both feeling very satisfied.

“There are more pieces of paper in the bowl”. I say as I kiss your forehead.

“Mhm” you answer. “Why don’t you pick one then? It is your turn” You look up at me, grinning devilishly.

I reach over and pull out a pink piece of paper.

The End.