Written by bpf

12 Dec 2012

My wife and I have an amazing sex life. We've been swinging for about 6 years and during that time we've ticked so many things off our 'to do list' that we're looking for new experiences. This is the details of our greatest fantasy that will probably never come true.

We would arrange to meet a guy at an expensive hotel where they're staying. They'll be a business man at a conference who is bored and looking for some fun away from home. I'll dress my wife before I drive her there. She's about 5'8" and a size 16 with 38E tits and she'll be wearing high heels, black seamed fully fashioned stockings with a 6 clip suspender belt, a black steel boned underbust corset with a bra that's one cup size too small so that her big, ripe tits are spilling out and finally a black lace g string. Over this will be a classy little black dress.

We'll go into the hotel bar and my wife will go and sit on her own by the bar and wait for the gentleman to meet her. He arrives and immediately sees her sat on a bar stool with her legs crossed, he goes over and greets her with a kiss on both cheeks before looking her up and down and smiling with anticipation. They both talk for a few minutes before they get up and leave, her heels clicking on the wooden floor as she walks in front of him and he stares at her round arse as she walks.

Shortly after my phone rings, it's my wife and she's called me so that I can hear everything that's going on. They're in the lift going up to his room and he's stroking her thigh under her dress with one hand as the other cups her heavy tits. She gives me a running commentary and he tells me she's a nice little slut and because he's paid her a large sum of money he's going to get value for money out of her.

I hear them as they enter his room and he immediately unzips her dress to reveal what's underneath as it falls to the floor. He approves and I hear her gasp as he grabs her tits through her bra and begins sucking on the tops that are spilling out of her too small bra. He tells her to drop to her knees as he has something for her and I hear the jangling of a belt being undone and then it's his turn to gasp as he tells her what a perfect mouth she has. He tells me my slut wife is sucking his big cock but he thinks she can take more of it and with that I hear a muffled little yelp as he grabs her hair followed immediately by the sound of her gagging as he forces his cock down her throat.

I listen on my phone in the bar as this stranger fucks my wifes mouth, the other bar customers don't pay me any attention as I sip my drink listening to my phone.

He tells her to lie back on the bed after he finishes with her mouth, he wants her to pull her panties to one side and show him how wet she is as he gets undressed. He chuckles as he tells me she is absolutely dripping which shows how much she enjoyed being used like a whore. He tells her to take her panties off and to leave them on the bedside table as he's going to keep them as a momento of her visit. Then he tells her to start fingering herself for him and to tell him how much she wants his cock inside her.

I can hear her pussy squelch as she starts to wank herself off and she breathlessly tells him she wants his big hard cock inside her pussy right now. He interupts her and tells her to use the word cunt instead of pussy and to tell him what a filthy little slut she is. She does as she's told and I listen as my wife talks like a professional street whore to this guy as she masturbates for his pleasure.

Then I hear her say that bareback is fine as she's just desperate for him to fuck her right now. He tells her to spread her legs as wide as they'll go and then I hear them both grunt as he pushes his cock into her dripping wet pussy. She starts to tell him to fuck her hard and he asks her if she likes what he's doing. I can hear the bed creaking and their bodies slapping together as he fucks her very hard before she shouts at him to grab her fucking tits and squeeze them.

They stop before I hear him telling her to open the curtains and lean against the window sill, I can guess why he's doing this and I leave the bar and step outside into the street. It's late and there isn't much traffic and hardly anyone out on what's a cold night. I cross the road before looking back to the hotel and there, on the 5th floor is the sight of my wife, hands on the window, tits fully pulled from her bra being fucked hard from behind. I quickly look around but nobody else has noticed, why would anyone else look up?

I can see her having her hair grabbed and she is pulled back into the room so I make my way back inside and take my seat in the bar again. Listening to my phone again it appears to have quietend down a little so he's stopped fucking her hard. She's talking quietly and I hear her say as long as he's gentle he can. I know what this means, my wife is going to let him fuck her arse.

She tells him to push and then to wait before telling him to push again. She's on her back rubbing her clit as he slowly slides the tip of his cock into her arse. She must've taken a small bottle of lube up in her handbag. She tells him it's ok and that he can fuck her arse a bit harder if he wants, then she tells him harder, then harder still then she shouts for him to fuck her arse and that she wants to be left sore. Again the bed starts to creak and I can only imagine how hard she's taking his cock in her arse. After only a minute or so I hear her start to moan and then she starts to pant. She's going to cum. She lets out a loud scream as she cums hard, then I hear him starting to shout he's going to cum too, he yells and I guess he's filling her arse with his seed. It goes quiet and then I hear him telling my wife she was worth every penny. She picks her phone up and cheerily tells me to get her a drink as she'll be down soon.

A while later she walks back into the bar and sits down next to me. I ask her if she's ok. She smiles and was amazing, she wants to finish her drink and then take me home so I can kiss her better as she's a bit sore. Then she leans over and whispers in my ear that the back of her dress and her stocking tops are soaked as the gallons of cum he pumped into her has leaked out.

It's time to go home.