Written by Syc

17 Jul 2010

We love to go driving and find remote untouched areas. The farther away from other people the better. We look of isolated areas with water or woods and if possible both. When we get there we like to fool round and if the weather is nice I sometimes get Claire to wear a sexy short skirt with a bikini top and bikini bottoms under the skirt. However, Claire is rather conservative around others & when she is laying out in her bikini to catch some rays she wants to be alone or just with me unless we are on holiday.

Claire is 28 years old and has a very sexy figure, size 14 with a very nice ass and a fine pair of tits. She has long brown hair and is very pretty even with no makeup on. Many of times when we have been out she has been the attention of on looking males and females. Claire has always played down the pillow talk about fantasies and what she likes but she does enjoy watching me masturbate and after some pushing she lets on that she would love to see a group of hot fit men wanking round her.

Recently Claire found what looked to be a very remote area on a forest service map so we took off for a drive and after driving for miles & not seeing another vehicle we found the place she had “discovered”.

The spot was next to a lake surrounded by woods in the middle of nowhere, so much so that it didn’t even have a name on the map just a picture. We didn’t see any signs that others had been there, at least recently, and decided to go for a walk round the lake.

Before setting off, Claire changed into her bikini & had me rub lotion on her back so she would not get sun burnt. My hands started wandering down to her firm ass as I was spreading it around and she told me that I would just have to wait, as she wanted to relax for awhile after the long drive. Leaving me and my now rock hard cock with a giggle she jumped up and said lets go.

As we walked I could not help but look at her hot body and from time to time I started getting hard all over again thinking about what I could do to her. She started giving me sexy little look. “looks like someone is enjoying himself”, she placed her hand on my ass and started to rub and stroke it. This felt nice and I returned the deed rubbing and stroking her sexy ass in her silky smooth bikini bottoms.

As we walked we came across a stream that was feeding the lake this had large bolders on the edge of the lake that had been warn away by the water over years and made a perfect ledge to sit on while Claire’s legs hung in the water, I moved behind Claire and sat down putting my legs rounder her and into the water. My cock was rock hard and was pressing against Claire’s ass and I started to kiss her neck and play with her tits through her top. Claire nipples were rock hard, either because of the cold water or from the fact that I was playing with her tits. I did not care to be honest and started to slide my hand under her bikini top and play with her tits. Claire turned round and gave me a kiss and this was the green light to carry on. I slowly took my right hand and undid her bikini top leaving Claire topless then quickly went back to playing.

I slowly moved my hand down and under her skirt and started to stroke Claries pussy through her bikini bottoms.

Claire especially enjoys having her pussy rubbed and fingered and I enjoy the moans from her when I have a couple of fingers inside of her or while rubbing her clit. I do not know why but I especially get turned on when she comes and normally will get her off 3 or 4 times before I come. So I really paid special attention to her pussy & I imagine she felt quite comfortable in our surroundings as she allowed me to remove her bottoms and was louder than normal when she came. This in turn made me more excited and then ordered to remove my shorts in witch Claire quickly rapped her hand round my shaft and proceeded to wank me while cupping my balls. Claire has never been one for sucking my cock but if I pestered her long enough she would oblige every now and then. I groaned quite loud when I started to come shooting streams of hot come into the air.

All of a sudden there was a round of applause and we both looked back in shock as 3 men and 2 young women were all looking on. We quickly put our clothes on and the group of people introduced themselves. They apologised if they had made us jump and explained that this was the spot they use for the exact same reason. This sort of put us at ease and we introduced ourselves and were about to make out excuses to leave. When one of the guys said well its only fair that u guys get to see us as we have seen you. I was just about to say thanks but no thanks when Claire shocked me and said “that’s sounds fun”. I looked at Claire and she giggled and said come on it will be fun.

The men started to get undressed and we both looked on with excitement but still a little nervous, Claire was grinning like a cat when the men were just stood there naked with there cocks on show. The women were sat down at the side of us looking too and egging the guys on. The men were of different sizes and girth with 1 standing out more then the others he was a big lad to say the least as they started to stroke there cocks, with in seconds the cocks in front of us were rock hard and they were egging the women on to give them something to wank over. The 2 women started to kiss each other and slowly started to undress each other while paying attention to the lads and doing what ever they could to tease them.

The excitement was building up. I had to do something. For some reason I was scared. I didn't want to move. I then looked at Claire who was gazing at the lads and her hand was in her bottoms rubbing her pussy like mad. The guys had seen Claire playing with her pussy and told her to join the women and I should join them. Claire was stripped off with in seconds and was rubbing and fingering her pussy at the site of these 3 men wanking in front of her. I was not far behind and was soon stood watching the 2 women sucking and fucking each other.

Claire then did something that again took me by surprise she stood up and walked over to the guys and in turn slowly wanked each of us for a couple of seconds while she was rubbing her clit. She then returned to the start of the line and took the 1st cock into her mouth and proceeded to suck it. Claire did not even get asked and here she was sucking a total stranger. The 2 other women quickly followed suit and we all in turn had our cocks sucked until we all unloaded to the joy of the women. We were just about to thank the group again and leave when the women said we have not finished yet.

The women then pulled Claire down by her hands and proceeded to kiss and stroke her body. Claire had her eyes closed and the women started to suck her nipples and slide there fingers into her soaking pussy, they moved her onto her hands and knees and one of the women laid in front of Claire and the other moved behind her. Claire had never had any girl on girl action before and I wondered how she would react. She looked at me and then as the women behind her started to lick and suck her pussy she closed her eyes and lowered her lips onto the other women’s pussy and started to lick and suck. This was a sight to behold.

After what seemed ages but only a couple of mins Claire gave out a cry and came hard sending shivers up and down her body. Claire then looked up and said to the guy with the largest cock fuck me. I want your cock in my pussy, more importantly I wanted you to cum inside me. The guy moved the girl and stood behind Claire who was now begging to be fucked hard, he placed his hard cock at the entrance of Claire’s now dripping pussy he must have been as hard as a steel bar and a good 9” he grabbed Claire by the ass but she did not need any encouragement she started to push back on this huge cock and slowly inch by inch this cock disappeared inside or Claire. You could see on her face she loved every last inch and as the rhythm started he pushed himself deep inside Claire to the hilt. Claire loved this and I could see her pushing back and meeting every thrust with his. The other 2 men had stood at the side of Claire and

Claire’s hands went to work on the hanging cocks on each side of her and began to caress the 2 of them. I watched as their pricks began to grow. Claire was now getting fucked from behind and paying special attention to 2 hard cocks that she took turns in wanking and sucking.

I finally started to give the other women some attention I moved between the legs of the nearest women and lowered my mouth on to her pussy it seemed to seethe with heat and as I dove in with my tongue also started finger fucking her with 2 fingers. My tongue found her clit and as I drove my tongue into it with hard flicking motions I began to place more fingers into her pussy until I finally had four fingers pumping in and out of her sopping hole. The other women had now moved round and took my cock into her mouth. She was no beginner as she expertly licked the full length of my cock before pulling back my forskin and putting her mouth round my straining bellend. She firmly sucked on by cock while moving her hand up and down at a fast pace, this was the best blowjob I had ever experienced. She new exactly how hard to suck and were to suck to give me the utmost pleaser. With her spare hand she slid this round to my ass and started to finger fuck my ass hole. She started by rubbing my tight ass and then easing her finger in a little at time until I was now pushing back onto her finger. This felt fantastic and was the 1st time I had had anything like this done to my virgin ass. This sent me over the edge very quickly as I shot my load deep down the women’s throat who was now deep throttling my entire cock.

As I was moaning with pleasure I heard Claire’s screams of lust and satisfaction as she came under the constant pumping of this huge cock only for her to see me been fucked by this women’s hand. This and the constant pounding of her pussy once again made her come for a second time harder then the 1st. As this second orgasm hit her the 2 men who were stood at the side of her unloaded wads of come onto her back while the guy behind her also filled her pussy with his load.

We all lay in the sun for a while and cleaned ourselves up. We all said our goodbyes and me and Claire maid our way back to the car. As we drove home I asked Claire if she had enjoyed herself in witch see replied by giving me a passionate kiss on the lips and then asked me if I had. I replied sure I have with a raging hard on still in my pants. Claire then turned round and said good because I can’t wait to fuck your sexy ass just like that women did.