8 May 2017


I was a member of the local working men’s club and my wife and I often spent Friday and Saturday evenings there as the entertainment was pretty good. We were friendly with a few other couples and had some really good nights as a group. I often filled in behind the bar at quiet times in the week, so I had the run of the place normally. On this particular Friday evening we noticed posters scattered around the place advertising a Special Ladies Night. Gina my wife and all the other girls put their name down for tickets straight away as they were always good for a laugh. At £20 quid a ticket me and the lads all agreed that it wanted to be special at that price. I was quite curious to know what this special night consisted of and although it was considered women only, Dave, whose girlfriend Wendy was also going decided if we could find a way of gate crashing the event to see what went on.

I had a set of keys as part of the bar staff and we hatched a plan to sit in the office and watch on the CCTV. Our plans were thwarted when it was announced that the office would be used for the entertainers to change in. We decided it would be just as well to forget it when we had a real stroke of luck. The night before the event I was asked to man the building and sit in the cash office and look after the place as the club could only afford one guy to man the door. They asked me to find someone who was trustworthy and of course I asked Dave to join me. The cash office was situated next to the main office and directly behind the bar so we would be able to watch the proceedings through the one way screens installed into both rooms to help protect the cash. This also meant that we would not be seen and no one need know we were there apart from the performers. It was all arranged on the quiet so no one but the committee and us as they didn’t want all and sundry trying to gate crash the event.

We told the girls that we were going out for the night and got to the club early and helped set things up before anyone started to arrive. Every thing was arranged from the bar staff to the performers. When they all arrived we all introduced ourselves. Victor, Wills and Kenny, the strippers, were all well built guys and obviously visited a gym on a regular basis. Sonia, the comedian was very attractive and very bubbly as you would have to be being a female comic at this sort of show. The two girls who would man the bar were also good lookers and by the way they all got on it was obvious that they all worked together on a regular basis. We showed them to the office and left them to it and told them to let us know if they wanted anything. I left Dave showing them how to work the sound system and retired to the cash office, Dave soon joined me and we settled down with our crate of lager and waited for the show to start. The doors opened at eight and the place rapidly filled with females ranging from middle aged to teenagers. My wife, Wendy and the rest of the girls we knew grabbed the front table and looked like a lot of excited school girls as they all settled in giggling and laughing. The performers prepared in the office all in different costumes. We had a cowboy, a fireman and a roman soldier. By nine the place was packed and Victor introduced himself, Wills and Kenny to the expectant crowd then all three retreated and got ready. First out was Wills and to the soundtrack of the good the bad and the ugly he began his performance dancing on the stage slowly removing his costume until all he had on was his posing pouch. He left the stage and circulated among the tables and thrust his bulge at the woman, some tried to grab him and some tried to shy away. He stood in front of one woman and invited her to untie his pouch; his pouch fell away with just his hand holding it in place. He then approached another girl and let her pull it from beneath his hand. He turned to the audience and with his back to us threw his hands in the air and with a round of applause gyrated his hips collected his clothes and left the floor with his huge cock swinging between his legs.

Kenny was next with a very similar routine and Victor followed and we realised why he went last. He was blessed with an enormous cock and the reaction he got from the audience was more of a gasp than a cheer. The comedian took to the stage and we left the cash office and went for a chat with the lads. They said that is was a good audience tonight and things could get interesting. I asked what they meant and they said it looked like a typical night and that there would be some audience participation once the alcohol started to flow. They all looked at each other and smiled and explained that they normally got a shag later on or even two. Me and Dave looked at each other and we could tell we were thinking the same thing. Our other halves were in the audience, would they behave themselves? We couldn’t let on to the lads and make ourselves look stupid so we returned to the cash office and once more settled in. The comedian had the woman in stitches mainly with man jokes and when she finished her act there was a mad rush to the bar by an already drunk audience. I could see Gina at the bar obviously worse for wear as was all her mates. They all returned to their tables and started to bang on the table tops shouting for more. When Wills took to the stage with a bottle of oil and wrapped in just a towel the crowd went mad. This time he left the stage and went to each table in turn and teased the girls. He returned to each table and offered the oil to a female and we could only guess what was happening as he kept to towel strategically placed so most of the room could not see. He approached the table where Gina and Wendy was, and approached a girl called Janet who was married to our mate Tony. She took the oil and very enthusiastically worked on his manhood, wanking his semi erect cock. He took her hand and she willingly followed him to the stage where he positioned her on her knees in front of him her back to the audience, the towel again hiding the action.

I think even he was surprised when her mouth suddenly engulfed his cock and head bobbed up and down his hardening shaft. Suddenly he pulled the towel away and let the audience see what was going on. There was a loud roar as he pulled Janet to her feet. He whispered something in her ear and she gave his cock a gentle squeeze as he escorted her back to her chair. His large erect knob, swaying from side to side, as he walked. Woman were touching him and grabbing for his manhood as he made a hasty retreat from the room. Next on was Kenny who was a little more direct and the women loved it. He quickly discarded his posing pouch and soon sported a massive erection which as he moved amongst them the woman took it in turns to give his member a few strokes with their well oiled hands. He approached Dave’s girlfriend Wendy and she took hold of his cock in one hand and his bollocks in the other and looked up at him with eyes full of lust as she slowly wanked him and caressed his scrotum. Suddenly she started to lick his glans, her tongue gyrating around the bulbous tip of his cock. He stayed put as she started to suck on his cock hungrily.

Dave’s face was a picture as he watched his girl suck on another mans knob and there wasn’t a lot he could do about it. Kenny eased away from her leaving Wendy with a look of disappointment on her face. A couple of the other girls on the table had a little fondle as he passed with Gina reaching out but missing as he left the floor to loud drunken applause. Victor took to the floor and danced just out of reach of the drunken women, keeping his towel around him as his erect cock lifted it showing his aroused state. He let go of the towel leaving it hanging on his erect cock. He approached a table and invited one of the females to remove it, which she did surprisingly gently. His giant cock suddenly there in front of her. She hesitated for a few seconds and with the room strangely quiet she wanked his cock slowly, her hand looking ting around his huge shaft. He slowly moved away and approached another table with the same outcome, having his shaft wanked slowly by a female. He the approached my wife’s table and without hesitation she took his cock in one hand and cupped his balls with the other and looked lustily up into his eyes as she pleasured him. I felt really jealous but somehow turned on by the spectacle and I remember thinking what harm can it do its just a bit of high spirited fun and with Gina being in such a large group not much more was likely to happen. He threw his head back and was obviously enjoying Gina’s attentions as he lingered for longer than before.

He gently placed his hand on hers and he pulled away. He bent down and whispered into her ear and she just nodded as he retreated to the stage and disappeared behind the curtain. He entered the dressing room with his erection still pointing the way. He and the others remarked that it was a lively crowd and some of the girls seemed game for some fun later. It was then that I remembered the conversation from earlier with the three strippers that they often got a shag on these nights and that worried me as Victor was showing special interest in my wife as the other two had in Wendy, Dave’s girlfriend. They joked and laughed as they got ready and were soon ready to perform and with the thumbs up, Sonia the comedian then took to the stage and told a few gags before introducing the three lads for the grand finale. Wills, Kenny and Victor lined up on the stage dressed in very tight black silk shorts and dickey bows. The music started and to the Tom Jones classic “Kiss” they began their routine. All three moved around the stage slowly gyrating to the music until all three grabbed the back of their shorts and in one swift movement the Velcro gave way and all three pairs of shorts were discarded to the side of the stage. The three naked men then moved into the crowd and went from table to table allowing the woman to touch their oily bodies and their hardening knobs.

Most of the women had a fondle but some were happy to wank the guys and a couple even went as far to suck one of the rampant members. The guys kept on the move making sure that the girls didn’t go to far as it was obvious that some of the women would have loved to have seen the guys shooting their loads. The guys seemed again to take special interest in some of the audience with my wife Gina and Wendy included. The guy’s then retreated to the stage and gave a bow and thanked the girls for being good sports and disappeared behind the curtain. The room started to empty as the women made their way home to their husbands and boyfriends to tell them how boring it had been. There was a knock on the office door and Kenny went an opened it. There stood Wendy, Dave’s girl with two other girls’; they entered the room followed by my Gina.

Me and Dave looked at each other and realised what was going on and also that we could do nothing about it. We watched helplessly as Gina pulled away Victors towel, Wendy and one of the other girls dropped to their knees in front of Wills leaving Kenny with the other girl. Gina sucked on Victors cock like there was no tomorrow moving her tongue down his shaft and swirling it around balls before again hungrily engulfing its purple engorged head. Victor moved his hands through her hair and gently moved her head as in cock slipped in and out of her mouth. Kenny had already bent the girl over the desk and fucked her from behind with deep deliberate strokes. With every thrust of his cock she let out a little squeal of pleasure. Wendy and the other girl took turns to suck Wills cock while the other gently sucked and chewed on his heavy ball sack. Dave looked on with utter jealousy in his eyes but we both knew we could do nothing because of our original deceit. Victor pulled Gina to her feet and unzipped her very short skirt and pulled her top over her head.

He unclipped her bra and released her ample breasts; she slipped her panties down her legs leaving her completely naked. Victor backed her up until she sat on a desk. She lay back as he tweaked and toyed with her nipples as his cock lay up her stomach. Kenny still fucked one of the girls, his strokes faster now. I remember feeling impressed by his staying power. Wills by this time was laid on the floor on his back as both girls removed their clothes. Wendy was naked first and she straddled his body taking his cock in her hand and offering it to her fanny before sinking onto his large cock, pausing to enjoy its size inside her, her head thrown back as she grinded her hips against him. The other girl offered her fanny to his mouth and his tongue hungrily entered her orifice as he flicked it around her clitoris. She reached out and played with Wendy’s nipples before bowing her head to lick and chew them as Wendy cupped her tits and offered them to her hungry mouth. By this time Victor rubbed the tip of his huge cock up and down the lips of Gina’s cunt before he gently inserted its swollen head between her wet labia and eased it into her body with slow strokes slowly penetrating until its length was totally inside her wet cunt. With slow long strokes he started to fuck, his cock almost leaving her body before thrusting back into her.

Wendy by this time was riding Wills cock with his own thrusts meeting hers, just as I looked Kenny pulled from the girl he was fucking and his spunk shot up her back in three or four large spurts before he slammed his cock back into her still climaxing. Kenny let out a grunt and it was obvious that he was filling Wendy’s cunt with his spunk. He clutched her body as his hips rose from the floor, his cock flashing in and out of her body. Wills let his cock escape from the girls soaking fanny and he dropped back into a chair recovering from his exertions, she turned and dropped to her knees and gently sucked and licked his wilting member. Wendy and Kenny had stopped moving while the other girl sat back and fingered her pussy.

Wendy bent forward to kiss Kenny and his softening cock slipped from her. Huge amounts of spunk dribbled from her soaking hole covering his shaft and balls. Victor was now fucking my Gina with deep hard strokes, relentlessly filling her with his monster cock as she urged him on to fuck her harder and faster. He was trying his best to please her as his hips slapped against her buttocks. Kenny was sitting back in the chair while the two unknown girls licked and sucked his cock. One girl who hadn’t had a cock inside her seemed desperate for some action and she wasted no time in mounting Kenny’s cock now fully recovered. She straddled him on the chair and impaled herself onto his erect cock and fucked him frantically and the other girl caressed his bollocks. Wendy and Wills lay on the floor and watched victor fucking Gina as she toyed with Wills semi hard knob, still covered with sticky spunk. Victor suddenly tensed and gasped and pulled his cock from Gina as his first jet of spunk shot up her stomach and between her tits, She quickly grabbed his cock and rammed it back into her screaming that she wanted it inside her. With jerky strokes and a grimace on his face he continued to fuck her, his ejaculating cock now back inside her. His movements slowed as sperm escaped from around his shaft. He gently pulled his cock from her as huge gouts of spunk followed it. It seemed like a never ending stream of his seed flowed and collected on the desk. Wendy now had Wills cock fully erect and urged him to fuck Gina, so he stood and approached my wife and without hesitation pushed his solid cock into her soaking hole and fucked her hard and fast as though he was in a hurry.

Gina seeming to lose control pulled him into her urging him on to fuck her harder. Victor had settled down with Wendy, his cock still rock hard as she lay back and pulled him in between her legs. He took his cock in his hand and with one thrust he impaled her fully driving the breath from her body. There seemed to be fucking going on everywhere with Kenny still fucking in the chair, My Gina getting hammered on the desk and Wendy now on her back with victor’s massive organ inside her cunt. All three men fucked the woman and moans and gasps filled the room as for the first time I noticed that the other girl had gathered her clothes and gone. Kenny suddenly stiffened and grabbed the girls hips as he rose from the chair shooting his load deep inside her fanny, his glistening cock flew in and out of her hot hole lubricated by his seed that gradually escaped from her. Victor then rose to his knees and with a thrust of his hips his spilled his second load onto Wendy’s legs, stomach and tits. Some even splattered her face as he grunted and gasped as his hand flashed up and down his spurting cock. Wills tensed and he to shot his load deep into Gina while she clawed at his buttocks begging him not to stop. All three men jerked and convulsed in the throws of orgasm until eventually all the guys sat gasping for air. Victor sat back and admired Wendy’s body that was covered with his white sticky spunk. Kenny just sat in his chair, the girl hanging from his neck, his now flaccid cock laying across his thigh his cum hanging from her fanny.

Wills still had his cock inside Gina, his face contorted in pleasure as she grinded her body against him milking every last drop of spunk from his spent organ. Slowly with a plop his wilting cock slipped from her wet pussy and he stood and watched sperm ooze from her depths. Slowly they all disentangled themselves from each other and the lads handed towels to the girls who seemed by the look on their faces were sobering up and thinking about what had just happened. Me and Dave were shell shocked and wondered how we would handle the situation when the dust had settled. The girls dressed and were ushered out of the side door and soon after the strippers also left leaving us to lock up. We made our way home and we decided that there was not a lot we could do as we had been deceitful by spying on our woman. I left Dave at the end of my road and went home.

Letting myself in I realised that Gina was not home yet so I went to bed to wait for her. I had had a massive hard on all night and still had it as I climbed into bed, the nights events streaming through my mind as I kept seeing Victors huge cock ravishing my wife’s cunt followed by Wills. I was definitely sexually charged and could think of nothing else but fucking my Gina when she got home.