Written by andjben2003

11 May 2007

After a recent car accident I had to go to hospital for what I thought was going to be a small operation on my finger. When the surgeon opened it up he realised that more work was needed and that an overnight stay was needed.

After the op I as taken to one of these wards with several separate bays each with six beds with four old blokes and one empty bed and me. I was the only one that was not bed ridden and was able to wonder around.

As night came the other guys all fell asleep leaving me bored to tears as I had not taken anything to do for an overnight stop, it was far to early for me to sleep and I was in a far amount of pain so I decided to go for a walk along the ward.

As I approached the nurses station I spotted this fantastic looking nurse (long blond hair, great figure even in her uniform, etc) the nurse every man dreams of.

She asked me if I was OK and why I was wondering about. After I explained she told me to go back to my bed and once all the other patients had settled she said she would come and we could have a chat. About 20 minutes later I heard footsteps coming and I realised I had a semi hard on as I had been day dreaming about this nurse so I quickly pulled the sheet over me.

She sat on the edge of my bed and asked if I was feeling any better and when I replied that I was after seeing her but was still in some pain she told me that she could not give me any pain killers till the doc came round again but she had an idea about distracting my mind.

At this point someone pressed for a nurse and she had to go. While she was gone I was thinking about how she had meant to distract me and the semi became a full hard on with hope.

After about 10 Min's she returned and as she approached the bed she pulled the curtains round. She then stood at the end of the bed and pulled the sheet of me and said "What do we have here?" looking straight at my hard cock.

Before I could say a word she started to undo her uniform and slowly removed it to expose her naked body except for a pair oe hold ups. I nearly came on the spot. She moved to the side of the bed and proceeded to give me a fantastic blow job but whenever I was about to explode in her she would slow down and let me recover. After about ten minutes of this and me feeling her up with my one good hand she slid me down the bed and climbed on top of me and we had a great 69. She came several times whilst was licking her pussy and giving her arse a good fingering. It did not take me long to explode into her mouth and she swallowed the lot. she did not take my cock out of her mouth at all but carried on sucking till i was as hard as a rock again.

At this point someones bell went off and she had to go. She walked out of the bay pulling her uniform on but she didn't fasten it properly. About 20 minutes later I thought that was it for the night and was just stating to dose of to sleep when she returned already naked with her uniform over her arm.

She didn't say a word but climbed onto the bed and mounted my cock which had instantly become hard again. She showed as much skill with her pussy as she had done with her mouth earlier and after a while of bouncing on my cock she pulled all the way off inserted her fingers in and pulled some juices out which she used to lubricate her arse hole. Stii without saying a word she mounted me again slowly inserting my cock in.

When it was fully in and she had relaxed she again started bouncing on me. She started playing with her own tits and I started playing with her clit and it wasn't long before we both came. after a few minutes of her lying on me and my cock going soft inside her she climbed off me and said "I hope you will be able to get some rest now" with this she left.

The next thing I remember is her and the doctors standing with the sun behind them talking about me and the nurse saying that I had had a good nights sleep after a bit of trouble relaxing. They all then left the bay and I never saw the nurse again as the shifts chanced and I was discharged that morning.