Written by Leonora27

2 Dec 2014

I stood in the shower, letting the hot water pour down my body, and gently massaging myself with some fragranced oil. Was it still only 9.00 pm? It seemed like a lifetime since S had phoned to say that he was on the train, on the way home, and that he was bringing two guests with him. It was something we had talked about before – he wanted to see me being fucked by other men, and I had found myself agreeing with him. Although I have always been very strong and dominant in my working life, I had discovered since I had been with him, that there was nothing more that I wanted to do than whatever he wanted me to, and that it made me feel incredibly horny just thinking about it. But it hadn’t happened..….until now.

When they had arrived and we had given them a glass of wine, S said to me that he had already explained to them that they would be our guests for the evening, and that they had already discussed how much he wanted to see me flat on my back, sucking one man’s cock while another strange cock was in my pussy, and that he was going to join in as well. I felt embarrassed…..but that was what had happened…..in the space of 60 minutes, I had sucked three cocks and I had been fucked by three men…..

I put on my dressing gown and went downstairs, as S had said that we should have a nightcap before they left. When I went into the dining room, they looked up, and had obviously been discussing something.

“Do you remember, Leonora, what I said to these gentlemen when they arrived? And to you? That they are our guests, and that you would do whatever they wanted you to, and would be as hospitable as possible. And if not, then I would make sure that you faced the consequences.”

I looked at him, puzzled. “But I did!”

He asked them to repeat what they had just told him, and the younger man said that he felt that I hadn’t wanted them there and that I had given S preferential treatment. Well, that was possibly true……he is my lover, and I had never seen them before in my life. The other man agreed with his friend, and added that I hadn’t seemed as though I was enjoying it. I did like it: I think I was just still so surprised that it had happened that it may have been a bit mechanical. I hadn’t had an orgasm……..that was a pity…..

“Well, I need to sort this out,” said S. “Leonora, go back upstairs and you know what you need to put on – and be quick!”

When I got to our bedroom, my heart was hammering. I quickly put my black stockings on, eventually managed to clip the suspenders on despite my shaking hands. Then I put some black silky pants on over the top – they looked like normal ones when my legs were closed, but as soon as they were open, anyone could see that there was nothing in between, and that my pussy would be on view for the whole world. Then I put on my soft, black leather bra, with the cut outs……my nipples seemed to know what was happening as they were so stiff and hard. Finally, I found my collar……black leather, sparkling – not diamonds, but good enough…..

I went downstairs again, feeling terrified but feeling a strong sensation in my pussy, of anticipation and of lust.

They were still in the dining room, but I could see that there had been a bit of furniture-moving. One of the kitchen chairs was now in the middle of the room, and there were some objects on the table behind, but I couldn’t see what.

“Bend over this chair!” S said. He made the two men hold on to my arms, and when he was happy with my arse sticking up, he reached behind him. I felt something cold, and then realized that it was lube and that he was going to stick a butt plug in. Relax, Leonora, relax, I told myself…..it went in, and I gasped as I always did. Then he made me sit on the chair, and after taking my bra off, they tied my arms behind me.

“Open your legs,” he directed me, and then they tied those to the chair legs as well. I was so embarrassed……two men who I had never met before had fucked me two hours earlier, and now they were staring at my pussy which was exposed to the world.

“She’s blushing! Look how red her cheeks are!”

S said, “Those are not the only red cheeks that she will have very soon.”

Then they blindfolded me, and finally tied a scarf round my mouth, so that I couldn’t cry out. The butt plug was giving me some very strange feelings, but those soon faded away as S encouraged the men to take a breast each, and to use a nipple clamp of their choice. They both chose the same sort – one that screwed on to my nipples, and was fine….until they screwed it up tighter. I kept telling myself to breathe properly and that I would be able to handle the pain better that way.

They teased me by playing with my breasts – flicking them, and tightening the screws, and then undoing them a bit……a vibrator had been produced as well, and that was in my pussy, but I don't know who was pushing it into me. Then I felt a stiff cock being pushed into my mouth…..I started to lick it, and then sucked it, trying to work out whose it was.

This went on for about fifteen minutes, and suddenly the nipple clamps were unscrewed, causing me such pain as the blood flowed back into my nipples. The vibrator was turned off, and there was a silence. I knew that wouldn’t be the end……

They untied me, and made me walk across the room, and then pushed me down on to something hard. I realized that it was the bench from the garden – just a bench without any back or arms. S had put a cushion on to it, and he made me lie down on my front. Then they tied my hands together and tied them to the bench.

“Gentlemen, perhaps you’d like to take your choice,” he said. I couldn’t see as I still had the blindfold on, but I guessed that it would be from the selection of paddles and floggers that he had.

“Now, I am extremely sorry that Leonora was so inhospitable, and so on behalf of us both, please accept this by way of an apology. Sometimes pain is the only way to get her to realize that she has done wrong.”

With that, I felt his hand come down on my arse……and again and again……that wasn’t too bad, but then I felt my back being tickled…..with the leather flogger….and then it was cut across the cheeks of my arse…..I counted, as he had taught me to do…..It stopped, but then I felt the paddle that he liked so much, as the sound was so satisfying…..count, Leonora, keep counting…..

I couldn't decide whether I was in agony or ecstasy. They had stopped, and were discussing how my arse looked, with the stripes from the flogger and the redness caused by the paddle.

S pulled the butt plug out, and suggested that one of the men would like to try and make my hole a bit bigger. “She has always been very tight, and I think it’s worth the investment in time!” I could hear the lube being squeezed out, and then one of them put his big, big finger inside my arse…..and then another one, and started pushing them in further……the other one helped him by pulling my cheeks apart…..it hurt like hell, but at the same time, I kept thinking that I really wanted to do this. One of S’s fantasies is to have me on top of one man, being fucked, and then for another one to push his cock into my arse…..but that will have to be another time!

Eventually, just as I thought I was going to pass out, it stopped. Somebody slapped my arse again, but in a final, that’s it sort of way.

Except that it wasn’t. S untied me, and rubbed my hands, and then took the blindfold off.

“Leonora, are you truly sorry for your behaviour now?”

I nodded, as I couldn't trust myself to speak. Although everything hurt, I felt as randy as hell…..

“Right, in that case, you are going to take these gentlemen into the other room, and make sure that this time, the fucking that you get is gratefully received – do you understand?”

Oh, yes! Result!